[chain] link HEARTS …

I’ve been here in Phoenix for almost one month already. I KNOOOOOW, I can’t believe it eitheeeeer!

I’m opening up here. I take yoga regularly, and it feels different. It’s emotionally more challenging. In class today, the teacher had us holding poses longer, which helps to open the body and to feel what’s happening in there. And I had to come out of some of them sooner than the teacher guided us to. It was like my heart needed a break. I felt like I couldn’t keep going “there” … this was a beautifully interesting realization. My heart is more open here and therefore, yoga is proving more intense for me. I wanted to embrace this newfound openness, and so I came home and asked my friend, Jordan, for a hug. She’s a great warm and fuzzy hugger with lots of loving energy, so not surprisingly, tears started to well up in my eye balls. As us humans do, she asked what was wrong. “Nothing really.” I just needed some love and support cause being opened up is a tough place to be without love and support. As our hearts linked in that warm and fuzzy embrace, we could feel our hearts beating together (mine overpowering both 😉). Man, hugs are important. They literally link our heart energy and spread loads of love. I need to remember this more …

effort AND ease …

doing nothing is very different than being still

Ponder THAT.

This was the theme of the yoga class I took last night and I definitely pondered THAT on my drive home last night. Where in life are we ‘doing’ and where are we ‘being’? Doing comes much easier to most of us, but oddly, doing doesn’t make life easier. So let’s pick one area of our lives and just try to ‘be’ in it today. Hmmmm, what will I choose??? … relationship, food, health, self-love, work? … ok, I’m thinking way too much about this. I should probably just let it be ;)

the right WORDS at the right TIME …

I was laying on my yoga mat last night and asked the universe for a sign that I’m going to move past this stressful confusing unsettled place I am in and that I am on the right path. Post-namaste, I slowly put my props away and rolled up my mat and on my way to the door, passed by the Buddhist wisdom of the day book and read this. I suppose that’s my sign, huh?!

“When faced with a feeling of stagnation and confusion, it may be helpful to take an hour, an afternoon, or even several days to reflect on what it is that will truly bring us happiness.”

I am doing a number of things right now that would make me happy. Yet, I feel so frazzled in all of them, that they fail to excite me or make me happy. Maybe I need to cut back on some things; maybe I need to give myself a break and be patient through this life-changing time; maybe I need to shift my attitude. Ok, it’s all of these things (and more?!). Time to journal and reflect on what truly makes me happy … because without knowing that, how could I move forward on that ‘right path’? Riiiight?

buddhist WISDOM of the day …

April 25

The mind is restless, unsteady,

hard to guard, hard to control.

The wise one makes it straight,

like a fletcher straightens an arrow.

How good it is to rein in the mind

Which is unruly, capricious, rushing wherever it pleases.

The mind so harnessed will bring one happiness.

Your worst enemy cannot harm you

as much as your own unguarded thoughts.

A well-directed mind creates more happiness

than even the loving actions of your parents.

Buddha Shakyamuni, quoted by Joseph Goldstein


*For those of you that already got an email on this post, I apologize that you are seeing it again. Weirdly, I posted this last night and then it disappeared from WordPress land. I am so confused how this happened, but now I have to just let it go …

shine MY LIGHT …

… some words that resonated with me from Deepak and Oprah’s “Shedding the Weight” 21-day meditation. I completed the 21st meditation yesterday. I am so grateful for the experience and grateful to myself for committing to and doing it to its fullest!

I haven’t stepped on a scale in a while so not sure if I shed any actual weight ;) But I do know for sure that I shed some emotional and mental weight. I have been feeling pretty darn good lately. My mind has quieted down, and I feel more connected to my body.  I’m on the right path …

find THE love !

I was stamping a little something earlier (which you will see in the near future) and this cool ‘still-life’ photo came to be.

Personally, I am self-lovin’ today by taking a day of rest. I am always going and going, doing amazing things that I absolutely love and enjoy. However, even busying ourselves with things we love and enjoy needs a break and a restart every so often! So far, I’ve gone to yin yoga, meditated (Deepak, obviously), mindfully and gratefully ate a delicious home-cooked lunch, posting this now, and about to catch up on New Girl episodes and reading … the past, present and future of my day ;)

Now go and stamp your love all over the place today, and make sure a little of that love goes straight to you !!!

New Girl awaits …