now show me your YANG …


hot . light . sun . day . logic . down . male . strong . contractive . past


are you YIN ?

cool . dark . moon . night . intuition . up . female . sensitive . expansive . future

yin AND yang …


black AND white . light AND shadow . sun AND moon

Welcome to this week’s black and white photo series. All shot with my iPhone. All seen through my eyes. All natural images from my various life experiences. All exhibiting my love for extreme contrast. Opposites are essential to the universe. Balancing these opposites is essential to a peaceful life.

SPRING peaks through …

How can you sprout some new life inside yourselves today? It’s ok to start small like this little green guy. He’s shooting through those old dried up leaves ready to take charge of his new life! “Watch out world, I’m comin’ for ya” (I hate to put words in his mouth, but if I was that plant, that’s what I’d say anyway.)

It’s almost Spring. Spring cleaning. New awakenings. Reset areas of your life that need some fresh energy!

nARTure …

As promised, here are a few more photos from my hike with the loud mouth frogs. Went hiking on Saturday to a different location and heard more frogs singing in the distance. Made me smile like a crazy person again :)

So the bottom right photo above is what I’ve designated as my natural meditation chair. I’ve hiked here twice so far and both times I’ve planted my booty on that rock and leaned against the tree, closed my eyes and soaked up the sounds of nature. Crinkling leaves, birds chirping, branches cracking, my breath inhaling and exhaling, planes flying (yeah, so that one wasn’t ideal, but I do like living near civilization, so it’s bound to creep up on me while meditating in the woods ;) ). I bet some dog has pee’d on that rock …

think ABSURDLY …

weathered wood quote02

Love this quote and concept. Be different. Be daring. Be you.

Note: My hope with this blog is to help inspire others, and sometimes (ok, all the time) it’s more to remind myself of what I need to do in my own life !

i have a lovely idea for your SUNday …

dads sunset  Pasquale Leuzzi

I can’t take credit for this one, but the talent is obviously in the family … this is one of my dad’s many photos. And it is exhibited, along with others, at the Piermont Flywheel Gallery as I type.  My dad’s work is part of a 6-person photography exhibit titled Camera Works. I went on Sunday and was intrigued by how diverse everyone’s photography skillz were. If you are local to Rockland County, it would be lovely to check it out, plus Piermont is so pretty (bonus!). Great art and a walk along the water … sounds like a perfect weekend day to me :)

Camera Works is on display from 02 . 18 . 16 until 03 . 06 . 16.

Share with your friends / family, check it out and ENJOY!

flywheel gallery panoramic.JPG

spanish WISDOM …


It’s time to get out of your own way!!! I’ve been blocking myself for years and years and still working on it as I type. If you’ve never failed, then you’ve never tried something new … pretty sure I read that quote, or something close to that, on Instagram or Facebook yesterday … I know you get the point ;)

Disclaimer: the background image was not created/photographed by yours truly.

REintroducing 10 BLOCKS …

10blocks collage

48w . 22d . 16h
plywood . glass

10 Blocks came about when I drew it graphically in plan and instantly loved it. Then I extruded each square in my head and knew it would be beautiful. Simple and elegant…just like me, hahaha!

Since it was such a simple design, I asked Don if he’d quickly build it for a furniture show I had in April 2014, and he did it masterfully. Each square block is an individual piece, so they could be arranged in any order preferred by 10 Blocks’ future owner. Have fun with it!

REintroducing 23 DEGREES …

23degrees collage

24w . 6d . 6h
plywood . plumbing pipes

I honestly don’t remember where the idea came about for 23 Degrees. Sometimes, I’d set out on sketching sprees and just see what comes out of this creative genius. I suppose this was how this piece came to appear on paper. Only the universe knows that answer, I suppose. I will admit that the pipe attachments were borrowed from something I saw on the information super highway. But the wood, that was all me. Keep your minds out of the gutter, people.