BREATH feels better in nature …

The workshop on Breath actually happened over a week ago, however, I left town for a primal skills gathering (blog post to come soon, cause that was AWESOME as well) the following day and didn’t get a chance to post about this workshop.

We had a longer than expected desert adventure at Piestewa Peak, as we got sucked into some sort of mountain vortex. A small part of me was freaking out as I had led these ladies astray. But they were unphased and quite content with being together and catching up on life and soaking in the sunshine and breathing in nature. Yay!!

It truly was a beautiful hike as we found ourselves in the center of the mountains. It is rare to hike in the middle of Phoenix and not be looking out across the urban sprawl as you climb. Here, for a pretty lengthy stretch, it was different. No city in sight, no traffic sounds (probably planes flying overhead but I was too focused on getting us back to our cars safely to even notice!). It was pretty freaking gorgeous and a lovely retreat from the busyness. Just don’t ask me how we got in there ;)

We all worked together to balance and support each other through breath and love. It was so amazing to facilitate this workshop and to be a part of it as well. These ladies help me to learn and grow and remember to BREATHE. Thank you.

shine BRIGHT …

It’s been a gloomy cold emotional day today. If I don’t have real sunflowers to brighten the day, this beautiful photo will surely work (at least partly)! I am very grateful for days like this as they teach me a lot about what I have to continue working on in my healing process. And then I am grateful for recognizing the beauty in things that can change my mindset from gloomy to bright(er).

I just found this rather cute appropriate quote, and it made me chuckle:

“It’s ok to be a glowstick; sometimes you need to break before you shine.”

HAPPY gut and HAPPY mind …


Look at this beautiful creation – Water Kefir. Sitting outside studying and drinking my happy healthy bacteria “juice” in the gorgeous sunshine ;)

Some of you may have heard of kefir or seen it in the grocery stores, but that one is made of milk. I make mine with water (no dairy for this gal – ok, fine, cheese and ice cream every so often cause it’s just so yummy!). Water, sugar and kefir grains – these three ingredients make billions of bacteria!

Many (most) of us have digestive systems that aren’t working quite right and it’s related to those little guys. And the health of your digestive microbiome is related to your brain health and immunity as well, so pretty much EVERYTHING in your body is connected to the health of your gut. 70% of your immune system is in your gut. Think about that and how it relates to all of the illness and disease today. Happy gut = happy life :)




The past 2 days, I had to wake up at 5:30am for work. You would think with a name like Dawn, it would be easier for me to get up in the morning. Not so much. My heart really wants to get up early to start my day, yet my body still says “um, how about not.” For a short time, it was easier when the sun was shining bright at 6:30-7am. Then we changed the clocks and now it’s darker in the morning again. Regardless of the brightness outside, I’m working on staying true to my name and rising to a new and beautiful dawn every day.

So, waking up at 5:30am (not that I actually got out of bed at that time) was just enough time to get my beautiful self ready to face other humans in the world. Therefore, meditating did not happen before I left, which is part of my morning practice every day. It did turn out to be an absolutely gorgeous morning, so after our work meeting, I went for a short hike intermixed with a walking meditation. Mantra of choice: I am Home. I (right foot step) … am (left foot step) … home (right foot step) … I (left foot step) … am (right foot step) … home (left foot step). Did you feel yourself slow down while reading that?

I was looking out at all of this nature stuff and those were the words that came to mind. It was a reminder that Home lives within me. When I feel completely comfortable in my Home, I will feel comfortable anywhere. I will also find it easier to open the door to my Home and let others in: to be more vulnerable and open to love. Right now, it’s kinda like I have a Dutch door ;)