ART for the week …

Some of you may remember my blog post with the 2016 planner I bought to organize my life. Well, I did end up buying a bigger planner (thank goodness!), so the cute small one has been turned into a sketchbook … as you can see here. So, this was my “schedule” from last week … and yes, I did actually draw/write on the week of March 7-13. I wanted to post one every week on the actual week, but the pens leak through the paper so it’s going to have to be every other week. Or who gives a shit what week I draw on cause you can’t see it anyway and it’s just a cool idea YAY! ;)


plan THIS …

planner pic

Bought this cute little 2016 planner the other day so that I can organize my life. It’s challenging to do that without the typical 9-5 job. Took my new treasure home and started writing in it, when I saw at the bottom “DO SOMETHING CREATIVE THIS WEEK” … coincidence, I think not. However, I have to be honest with you that this little planner is too small for my needs, so I’m going to buy a bigger one with more room to write out my daily events … it’s hard being so busy and important.

PS Don’t ask me if I had a chance to draw this week with my busy and important schedule ;)