listen to FEEL …

If you wanna FEEL some mad crazy emotional shit, listen to this guy, Sean Rowe. And even more so, go see him live. Seriously. It was deep and intense and magical and I got teary and man, I just got chills thinking about it again …

Music helps me feel my heart actually beat (my heart and its beat have been hiding behind layers and layers of barriers keeping me from loving myself and others … thicker walls mean I can’t get hurt, right? Yeah, not so much … that couldn’t be any more opposite of what’s true.). So, music is here to open me up! Give it a whirl and see what transforms for you. XO


you are MAGIC …


I was in NYC for an amazing IIN conference this weekend. It was both Saturday and Sunday at the Jazz. And, yesterday morning, I headed out on my commute to the 1 train when I passed this bold message “PROTECT YOUR MAGIC.” I smiled as I walked past it, then thought “I am totally running late but I totally need a picture of that” so I turned back around to take the pic (1. because it’s a good self-reminder and 2. because I wanted to share with all of you magical people!). Then I proceeded to day 2 of the conference, found a seat, chatted with a lovely gal from Nicaragua and waited for it to begin. At 10am on the nose, out walked 4 ladies onto the stage. The first words spoken by the first woman that day were “I am magic.” Say whaaaaa? I’m honestly not sure of her exact wording, as I was transfixed on her immediate use of the word “Magic” after I had just walked past the above message. There’s your sign.

We all have loads of magic within us and most of us keep it hidden and locked up when it really needs to be shared with the people around you. I’m learning this over and over and over again. This blog is a major magical release for me as I’m sharing it with people who appreciate me and what I have to offer the world. It is also my way of speaking my truth, so does that mean that truth = magic?!?

You are magic. Believe it. Share it. Live it.

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”  -Roald Dahl

checka checka CHECK IT OUT …

Some of you are new blog followers and new friends to me and were not a part of (and may not be aware of) my past blogventures. So, I figured since you love creative rebirth so much, you might want to check out the others in your spare time (spare time? … what is this “spare time” that you speak of, Dawn?). As always, I promise not to disappoint :)

My very first blog experience was interesting, and learning how to do it was quite frustrating, but the end result was pretty bad ass: where i’m at – 2013 Photo-a-day blog, 365 days of my sightings in NYC. The first 3.5 months of the year are here (don’t ask); the rest of the year is here.

My brother, Matt, thought it was so bad ass that he turned my photos into a canvas art piece, choosing his favorite photo from each month. And he gave it to me for Christmas that year. Yeah, he’s pretty cool too ;)

Then, last year, in a creative exploration of self love, this blog was created: self[ie] love – 21 days of selfies. So, 21 photos of l’il ol’ me. Be honest … you can’t wait to check these out.