are you POSITIVE ?

I was driving home from yoga this morning and I saw this sign in the distance that read “Dance Meditation” and I perked up a bit thinking that sounds interesting. Only the sign didn’t say that at all. I drove a little closer to it and saw that it actually read “Divorce Mediation.” I chuckled at the inconsistency of these 2 very opposing things. And then said to myself, well, shit, I have quite the positive mindset :)

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately – about my positivity, that is. I am in a place now where I can appreciate and accept all that comes into my life as being part of my journey, even and especially the challenges. Now, I admit, I am still human and sometimes I feel like my hormones think for me (ya know what I’m sayin’), so my positive mindset isn’t always in control. For the most part though, it reins and it feels fucking fabulous! This is such an amazing place to be and so different then where I once was.

Test it out … find something positive in a seemingly “negative” situation (I promise you, it’s in there). The key to changing is trusting in everything that comes your way. That it is all meant for you to grow and love and live a fulfilling happy life :)

And I am living and loving proof that it works. XO



at your SERVICE …

So we decided working for the MTA was where it’s at. I happily drive the adorable sea foam green “Old Diesel” bus (with matching shirt), of course. My brother, Matt, with passengers hitching a ride to Rockaway Beach, angrily shakes his fist at the annoying jaywalkers. And my mom, Anita, proudly drives the subway trains throughout NYC’s expansive underground (please disregard the fact that half of her train is missing…Matt, you really should’ve zoomed in closer, or I really should’ve cropped that photo ;).

Guess where we are??? Other then the obvious answer of “on pieces of NYC’s finest modes of public transportation,” we are at the NY Transit Museum in downtown Brooklyn. Twas quite fun and big and I’d recommend it if you’re into cool historic stuff. There are tons of old train cars you can walk inside with entertaining ads from that car’s time period. Old turnstiles when it was 5 cents a ride. Interesting facts on how the subway tunnels were built. A random mailbox glued shut. The MTA’s side of the story on natural and man-made disasters. This transportation system as seen through the eyes of artists (in other words, art). Vintage subway signs. And of course, pieces of NYC’s finest modes of transportation that you can take photos of yourself in.

Along with this fun excursion to Brooklyn, we also enjoyed a lovely brunch in Queens; a couple drinks in the oldest bar in Manhattan (George Washington hung out there. No big deal.); a little known subway ride to the beautiful abandoned City Hall subway station (of which is mentioned in the museum), admired while standing between subway cars; a tour of Matt’s flippin’ beautiful building he works in; an authentic delish Greek dinner in Astoria; and rounded out the night with a walk to the water for a nightly view of the Manhattan skyline. Today was a good day. 

you’re such a TEASE …

Those trendy cute city restaurants like to tease us with these imposters … cool liquor bottles full of water, not Bulleit Rye,  for the table. Bummer. Being in the city automatically makes me want to drink more. Weird, huh? No, not really. If you live there or lived there (or even visited there), you’d totally understand. But don’t worry, along-side this 750 ml bottle of non-alcoholic tasteless liquid, I had a burger and a stout ;) And it was delectable.

I don’t miss doing this all the time, but I do miss enjoying brunch and nice dinners with friends in the city. However, it makes my trips back to visit much more memorable and special. I’ll drink to that!

 WAKE UP and smell the …

Another journey to the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx on quite possibly the most perfect day of the year (a.k.a. this past Thursday). My bright and shining friend, Nicole, was visiting NYC, so we kind of met in the middle. The sun was vibrant, the flowers were blooming and delectably fragrant, the conversation was wonderful.

Roses and peonies were the highlight of the garden (in my opinion). The rose garden was like a magical fairy tale place where people should only be allowed to dance or skip through (just an idea). Nicole and I wanted to lay in the roses … then realized that would be a terrible idea. But you must understand wanting to be enveloped by such beauty! Riiiight?

Speaking of which, flowers are a reminder of the beauty in this world, including the beauty within ourselves. Often times we forget to see that and focus on the bad way more often. On the day I visited the garden, I read a quote on a fellow blogger’s site (ijourneyinsidemyself): “imagine if we obsessed about the things we loved about ourselves.” Imagine how amazing the world would be if we actually lived our lives like this! We’d all be happy and love ourselves and love everyone around us – YAY! But, I get it … it seems like a very daunting task for most of us. Remember – we are all beautiful beings, so just think of one (or 20!) thing that you love about yourself. Come on, you got this …

I love how much I’ve evolved over the past couple of years. I love my ridiculous silly sarcastic sense of humor. I love my creative abilities. I love my eyeballs. See how easy that was ;)

listen to FEEL …

If you wanna FEEL some mad crazy emotional shit, listen to this guy, Sean Rowe. And even more so, go see him live. Seriously. It was deep and intense and magical and I got teary and man, I just got chills thinking about it again …

Music helps me feel my heart actually beat (my heart and its beat have been hiding behind layers and layers of barriers keeping me from loving myself and others … thicker walls mean I can’t get hurt, right? Yeah, not so much … that couldn’t be any more opposite of what’s true.). So, music is here to open me up! Give it a whirl and see what transforms for you. XO

pretty beer, pretty BEER …

Does anyone else think that beer is really pretty? Look at the caramel colored crispness of the Pilsner at the top and the chocolaty richness of the Stout (that was my beer) and the frothy gold hue of the IPA … those may not be the best descriptors to give their beauty justice, but I know you can see it too.

Not only do I find beer pretty, but I also love drinking it. There have been a few times in my life where I have cut back on drinking, yet I couldn’t bear to let the beer go. When I was training for my first half marathon (ages ago now), I realized that drinking often was really not helping my body, so I cut back to 1-2 beers once a week when I went out with friends. Then, a few years after that, I was practicing a fairly strict Paleo lifestyle … except that I refused to give up beer (which is far from Paleo!!) and chocolate. These days, I drink a whole lot less than I did when I was living/working in the city and drinking makes me feel crappier now (actually, I’m just more aware of the crappy feeling and no longer using it to drown out my unhappy lifestyle), but I still won’t quit beer. I love beer … looking at it and drinking it (the latter preferred).

Now don’t ask me what this has to do with being creative because I got nothing. I just figured you all would want to see some beautiful beers and hear my story. Next time, you drink a beer, cheers to creativity! Or draw/write something bad ass on your bar napkin (and send me a photo pretty please) … see, creativity can be linked to anything ;)

you are MAGIC …


I was in NYC for an amazing IIN conference this weekend. It was both Saturday and Sunday at the Jazz. And, yesterday morning, I headed out on my commute to the 1 train when I passed this bold message “PROTECT YOUR MAGIC.” I smiled as I walked past it, then thought “I am totally running late but I totally need a picture of that” so I turned back around to take the pic (1. because it’s a good self-reminder and 2. because I wanted to share with all of you magical people!). Then I proceeded to day 2 of the conference, found a seat, chatted with a lovely gal from Nicaragua and waited for it to begin. At 10am on the nose, out walked 4 ladies onto the stage. The first words spoken by the first woman that day were “I am magic.” Say whaaaaa? I’m honestly not sure of her exact wording, as I was transfixed on her immediate use of the word “Magic” after I had just walked past the above message. There’s your sign.

We all have loads of magic within us and most of us keep it hidden and locked up when it really needs to be shared with the people around you. I’m learning this over and over and over again. This blog is a major magical release for me as I’m sharing it with people who appreciate me and what I have to offer the world. It is also my way of speaking my truth, so does that mean that truth = magic?!?

You are magic. Believe it. Share it. Live it.

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”  -Roald Dahl