have you ever tried to CHANGE someone?

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” -Albert Einstein

We have all wanted someone in our lives to be someone else. To be exactly what we want them to be to better serve ourselves. That sounds lovely … if it were at all possible. No one can change if they aren’t willing to, and even more so, if they have no idea that they need to. Many people are fine in their content robotic lives where things are simple and comfortable and safe (feeling grounded is real, people). I am not one of those people (at least for the most part). Living my life in the opposite manner comes with a lot of challenges and fears and discomfort. And all of that has led to so many adventures and learnings and me starting to truly understand ME. My needs, my desires, my calling, my purpose …

Yet, I still have people in my life that I want to change. Because I think that they should. Because I know that life can be happier and more fulfilling. So, why would you just not do it? I try to help and advise, and help and advise, and help and advise some more and … you get my drift. I feel like I’m making myself insane sometimes. Like banging my head against the wall will gain the exact same results. All I can do is continue to love and nourish ME and shine my light on all those around me. And things will shift. Maybe in others, maybe not. But, shifting will surely happen in me, which will shift all of my relationships in a positive way.

There is a piece of me in every person that I want to change, as we are all reflections of each other. The things that trouble me and challenge me the most in these people are most likely the things in myself I have yet to work on, or that still need a little extra love and attention to finally be free of! Remember this the next time you get angry at or shut down around someone. We are all born as loving little baby humans. Love is our natural instinct. Once we can find that love for ourselves again, it will radiate out all over the world!!!




to soft skin + loving YOU …

Last night’s creation – lotion bars! Aren’t they pretty? And the scent is chocolate peppermint. If you could smell them, you would want to eat them too. Which is not completely out of the question, except for maybe the beeswax part ;)

They are super easy to make – equal parts of cocoa butter (or shea or mango), coconut oil and beeswax; plus 20 drops of your essential oil of choice. And then some other stuff happens … if you want the complete recipe, I’d love to share it with you!

My goal is to make all of my beauty products, ok maybe 90% cause I ain’t making mascara and eyebrow makeup. Good thing I’m just naturally beautiful and don’t need to use a lot of them ;)

You are all naturally beautiful too. Look at yourself in the mirror today and find one – just one, however big or small – thing about yourself that you love. Trust me, I know it’s not easy. It’s taken me 38 years to be able to do this. And you can too!