when do you feel GREAT?

meditate quote

I know what you’re thinking … she can’t be the only person to quote that. You’re right, at least (5) 10 year olds have as well. It’s not the wisest thing I, or anyone on this planet, has ever said. But, gosh darn it, it sure is true!

One morning last week, I had finished my Deepak meditation (the 21-day meditation series is in full effect right now), and this “quote” popped into my head. I chuckled after I said it, as it was so simple and corny. Still felt the need to share it though. I can be simple (meditate = get out of my head = simpler life … always working on this). I can be corny. I can think like a child. I’m cool with it. Especially if it makes me laugh.

Laughter and meditation … honestly, what else do we need in life? OK, love, connection, etc etc etc … Whatever it is you need in life, make sure it’s GREEEEEAT!!!

PS – Feel free to quote me.


even if you have to FAKE it …

Your brain doesn’t know the difference between fake (or faux) and real smiles/laughter. So when you do these things, your brain releases endorphins and other happy hormones throughout your body. And then your body will want more and more of this happy feeling, cause we all know it likes it better than the opposite emotion, so you’ll start to “automatically” feel happier in your life. Smiling also reduces stress and improves immunity. So come on, show me some of them fake smiles, or laugh your ass off for no reason at all!!!

shit, I really need to take my own advice on this one ;)