straight AND wavy …

Just like my hairstyles last week!!!

I was drawn to this hairy vine curving it’s way up (or down) this tree. I wonder why it chose this particular course. I presume it was not for my visual enjoyment and cool photo opportunity? … OR was it?!?!? Hmmmm, nature, you so crazy.

I see it as there were nutrients and good energy along this tree trunk in the areas that the vine attached to and that paved it’s path through life. The same applies to humans. Bring in good nutrients, walk through life with positive energy, and a beautiful path will unfold before you. And yes, it will be windy and bumpy and throw you off course at times, but all those hurdles are necessary to growth. Breathe through it, love yourself and be open to every adventure that comes your way.

Damn, life is cool.



the BEAUTY of aging …

This is such a Dawn photo. I love the textures. I love the detail. And I love the rusted metal. For those of you that don’t know this about me, I get crazy excited and kinda turned on by steel … add rust to it and FORGET IT! And I’m dead serious.

Took this photo in Hoboken on Monday and could barely control myself ;)



A sexy single side table. Check out his strong legs and large shiny hardware. He’s got a solid core and a transparent mind. Intersect is move-in ready and willing to support anything you put on him!