(more) lettering LOVE …



I have officially confirmed that this gift was received by the lovebirds displayed on this artwork, so now I can share it ;)

Once again, I was given the freedom to come up with an idea for a lettering art piece. I found this amazing quote by Rumi and did a quick sketch to fit it all into a heart shape that looked cool. And it worked! I sent off the sketch for approval and BAM!, here’s the end result.

Congratulations to Brian and Megan and may you forever grow and change as individuals and as a couple … in LOVE.

Your love made this art come to life, and I truly THANK YOU for that :)



so many nibs, so little time …

I just spent at least a half hour cleaning these beauties. Nooooow, it’s time to use them to make more beautiful things! As you can see, these are old school. How cool is the packaging, riiiight? They were my dad’s from back in the day, hence his name written multiple times with multiple nibs. So many nibs to choose from. I’ll start simple and small at first. Those huge nibs do get me excited though … wow, that sounded naughty ;)

As I was cleaning these, I was exploring the intricacy of these rather small objects and how they operate. Of course, I asked the question how did someone figure out how to make a nib work?! You dip this metal object in ink and it holds the ink in a tiny hole that allows it to flow consistently at each stroke. Say whaaaaa?!? Like how did you figure that out Mr. Calligraphy man?!? You are my hero.

Well, I’m off to go write a bunch of potentially meaningful words now with these fascinating pieces of art … actually, I’m going to just write each letter of the alphabet 50 times. Not quite as fun, but practice makes perfect so they say :)

HI my name is …

My first stab at fauxlligraphy. Took this class on Skillshare to try my hand at a new lettering technique. And loved it. I’m gonna keep practicing and playing around with it. So fun and flowyyyyy!!!!!

Side note: As I was putting the finishing touches on this beauty, the song “Feelin’ Good” by Nina Simone came on Pandora…the words go a l’il something like this: “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day … [plus a bunch more words that don’t really apply to this post] …” Pretty cool, eh? I’ll have to add that to my “dawn” playlist (a random ass mix of songs with the word/name d[D]awn in it. Let me know if you hear any to add to it!

Have yourself a fun and flowy day!!! :)

connect to HAPPINESS …

I believe I mentioned in a recent post that I feel like I’m going through the motions of life right now. Doing a bunch of things I really want to be doing, but doing too many to truly enjoy any of them or do any of them well. So, I sat outside on the deck with my sketchbook and my nice pens to brainstorm on what makes me happy and this was the creative result. CONNECTION. That’s the answer at this moment. I spend so much of my time alone in my own world, my own zone, doing my own things, for me – school, blog, working out, cooking, eating – most things I do alone these days.

So what does CONNECTION mean to me? Listening. Speaking. Laughing. Loving. Being me. Community. Nature. Sharing meals. Cooking for others. Playing with my nieces. Spending time with family and friends. Connecting to my higher self. Combining my talents with other creative beings. Surrounding myself with like-minded people. Being compassionate.

Some of these things come easier to me than others. Sometimes it depends on the time of day, or time of the month, or who I’m with that makes it harder or easier. What I find most important is that I let myself truly feel the connection, however big or small it is. Acknowledge it’s presence and feel it. Otherwise, I’d still be doing all those wonderful things “alone.”

I know this isn’t easy. Honestly, I’m not sure how I’m going to make this shift exactly, but I sure as hell am going to try! Guessing I’m not the only one with a need to shift something in their life, so let’s spiritually bring our heads and hearts together to support one another during this period of shifting and evolving. Us spiritual peeps are aware that we are always shifting and evolving, but let’s try taking one step at a time … just one … go ahead, try it (I’m really talking to myself here!)  ;)

If I’m mindful of each step, I can truly enjoy each step and become really damn good at it.

the beatles said IT best …

Do I really even need to say anything about this?


No, but I will anyway ;)

A lesson in life and love … LET. IT. BE. These words came to mind when I drew this last September. These are words I need to remind myself of often (hence why I’m posting them today). I am always working working working on health, on school, on relationships, on goals, on being active, on feeling good about myself, even relaxing seems like work for me sometimes (seriously! sad face). Often, the less effort you put into something, the more reward you receive. Less work = more joy. Shit, that sounds nice. Now, how do I do that ?!?? Well, my awareness has definitely grown in this area, so I’m headed in the right direction …

Take a moment today to just let it (whatever “it” is for you) be. Smile. Breathe. Meditate. Gaze at the sky. Drink a beer. Do you. Or should I say BE you.  :)

shine MY LIGHT …

… some words that resonated with me from Deepak and Oprah’s “Shedding the Weight” 21-day meditation. I completed the 21st meditation yesterday. I am so grateful for the experience and grateful to myself for committing to and doing it to its fullest!

I haven’t stepped on a scale in a while so not sure if I shed any actual weight ;) But I do know for sure that I shed some emotional and mental weight. I have been feeling pretty darn good lately. My mind has quieted down, and I feel more connected to my body.  I’m on the right path …

ART for the week …

Some of you may remember my blog post with the 2016 planner I bought to organize my life. Well, I did end up buying a bigger planner (thank goodness!), so the cute small one has been turned into a sketchbook … as you can see here. So, this was my “schedule” from last week … and yes, I did actually draw/write on the week of March 7-13. I wanted to post one every week on the actual week, but the pens leak through the paper so it’s going to have to be every other week. Or who gives a shit what week I draw on cause you can’t see it anyway and it’s just a cool idea YAY! ;)

life is FOR you …

life is for me

My amazing life coach, Michelle, used to send me mantra images fairly often. Sometimes, I would make them my phone’s lock screen photo. This one, I decided to write out and keep near me. I may have wrote this mantra out when I was at Omega and not using my phone much ;)

Michelle also mentioned early on in our sessions that nothing in life is done TO you, everything is done FOR you. Life feels very different when you look at it from this perspective …

give. receive. BE OPEN to …

love valentines post

I drew this a while ago, but this day of LOVE seems the most appropriate time to share it :)

Have a LOVE-filled day today and always !!!