changin’ PERSPECTIVE …

Was sharing with a dear friend one night a way to change perspective on life. Remember that negative thoughts and words are purely a perception of the person having those negative thoughts and saying those negative words. Change your perspective. Change your life.

So many of us are quick to say that something doesn’t work or it’s wrong or bad. Let’s say you’re outside in the cold with a big ol’ winter coat on and you’re still freezing and you think “this coat isn’t keeping me warm at all.” Really? This big down coat isn’t doing anything? So if you were standing outside in a T-shirt, you’d be just as cold? That’s a ridiculous thought when you put it that way, right? Yet we all have ’em. We’ve trained our brains to think like this. And it makes our lives soooo much less enjoyable. (And I’d bet a million dollars – although betting on this would make no sense, as there is no proof I’ve ever said this – I’ve said this exact thing at least 5 times in my past, because I am NOT a fan of cold weather. Plus, I used to think like this.)

Another example: I am sick and I’m taking my immune-boosting herbs and essential oils, yet I still feel sick. I could look at it as the herbs and oils are not working ORRR, I could look at it as thank goodness I’m taking these herbs and oils, because I feel so much better than if I were taking nothing. Which of these choices sounds more pleasant?

You can think this change in mindset is BS, or you can be like, fuck yeah, this sounds amazing and totally makes sense and I’m going to work on changing my perspective on things that happen in my life so I can be happier and more fulfilled! Again I ask, which of these options sounds better?!?! ;)  Plus, you can totally trust me as I have done the work (over and over and over again) to change my mindset and have seen changes in all aspects of my perception of life events and experiences. So there’s that.

If you’re more positive in general, it will absolutely translate to everything else. How you do one thing is how you do everything. So change your perspective and witness ALL THE AWESOME that comes!


spreadin’ some LOVE …

I hike this mountain fairly often and this morning, I came upon this. There are a whole lot of hateful words on the top of this mountain so I was happy to see this (minus the fact that someone vandalized nature). And speaking of vandalizing nature, I left a LUV sticks up there today too ;) Spread some love wherever you can – through words, actions, energy, whatever feels right to you and your fabulously beating heart – the world needs it! ♥

TANTALIZING tunnels and tagging …

I tried to minimize my favorite pics, but it was just TOO HARD. Ok, I didn’t try that hard. There really were too many good ones (as you can see). About a year ago, I tried to find this place with my dad. We trampled through very overgrown bushes and trees off the trail with serious determination … and sadly did not succeed in finding it (but did find and eat loads of delicious wild raspberries!). Recently, in connecting with an old friend, John, I asked him if he’d been here. And he had! So I recruited him to take me to this place, and we finally went on Saturday.

This is a hidden gem in Blauvelt State Park, and it was all I’d expected it to be plus much more. The story is that this place was built in 1910 as a military rifle range and was part of Camp Bluefields. Due to some issues, it was shut down 3 years later, but continued to be used for military training until the end of WWII. There are miles of tunnels that were built to get around the base as live fire was constantly taking place. The only light within the tunnels are slits of sunlight through angled windows approximately every 20′. John and I walked through the 3 tunnels we found. They were surprisingly roomy and clean with the exception of spray cans and some big ass crickets/spiders (don’t look up!). The tagging inside the tunnels was nothing special … a lot of penis drawings actually. Such artistes.

But outside the tunnels and inside some small structures that still remain, you can see some pretty bad and some pretty bad ass graffiti art. I truly enjoyed this Saturday adventure that ended up taking us 3.5 hours to explore. Very neat place I’d highly recommend checking out. And make sure to bring light with you if you are gutsy enough to walk the tunnels ;)