when do you feel GREAT?

meditate quote

I know what you’re thinking … she can’t be the only person to quote that. You’re right, at least (5) 10 year olds have as well. It’s not the wisest thing I, or anyone on this planet, has ever said. But, gosh darn it, it sure is true!

One morning last week, I had finished my Deepak meditation (the 21-day meditation series is in full effect right now), and this “quote” popped into my head. I chuckled after I said it, as it was so simple and corny. Still felt the need to share it though. I can be simple (meditate = get out of my head = simpler life … always working on this). I can be corny. I can think like a child. I’m cool with it. Especially if it makes me laugh.

Laughter and meditation … honestly, what else do we need in life? OK, love, connection, etc etc etc … Whatever it is you need in life, make sure it’s GREEEEEAT!!!

PS – Feel free to quote me.


shine MY LIGHT …

… some words that resonated with me from Deepak and Oprah’s “Shedding the Weight” 21-day meditation. I completed the 21st meditation yesterday. I am so grateful for the experience and grateful to myself for committing to and doing it to its fullest!

I haven’t stepped on a scale in a while so not sure if I shed any actual weight ;) But I do know for sure that I shed some emotional and mental weight. I have been feeling pretty darn good lately. My mind has quieted down, and I feel more connected to my body.  I’m on the right path …

meditate on THIS …

If you’ve ever thought about trying meditation and …

  • you think you can’t do it because you have a monkey mind … every human in the entire world has a mind that wanders. That’s part of being alive, so now that we’ve determined that you’re alive, you should try meditating.
  • you don’t know how to do it … no one knows how to do it at first. So now that you know you are no different than anyone else who meditates in this world, you should try meditating.
  • you are afraid to go to a group meditation … if a group of meditators makes you feel uncomfortable as a first timer … um, yeah, that just won’t happen. Ever. So, now you should try meditating.
  • you don’t have the time … you only need 1 minute a day to start meditating. So, if you know how to close your eyes and you know how to inhale and exhale and you know approximately how long one minute is, you should try meditating.
  • you aren’t religious or spiritual … everyone needs a moment of peace and calm in their day, regardless of their level of spirituality. You don’t have to wait for a Spirit or God(s) to tell you that peace and calm will improve your life, so you should try meditating.
  • you can’t sit still … if you can’t sit still for 1 minute, then you should try meditating. It will really help.

Now, if you are ready to get this meditation ball (FYI a meditation ball is not really a thing) rolling, there are a number of ways to do so. And one of the ways I find to be extremely beautiful and personally rewarding is Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s 21-day FREE guided meditation, which starts TOMORROW!!!! OK, yes, it’s last minute. My bad. However, each day is available for 5 days after it is released, so you could think about it for a couple days and then jump on this bandwagon. And if you think too hard about it, then that means you should try meditating.