what a DAY …

I truly love my name as it signifies the start of a new day. Every day. Yeah, I’m a pretty big deal.

Every morning (lately anyway), I arise at 7am. Even though the sunshine streaming through my windows and my early-riser of a cat (Luna, my ass … that’s her name: Luna) tell me I should wake up even earlier. Then, as most of us do, I go pee. Then I return to my room and my piled-up-yoga-blanket meditation seat for a 10-15 minute meditation. RPM as they call it: Rise, Pee, Meditate. And at the end of every meditation, I give thanks for my beautiful body and the beautiful earth for supporting me in my practice. How beautiful (come on, it’s just such a great word!) to start every day giving gratitude, and especially to the new day (i.e. Dawn).

Giving thanks to me and acknowledging my body and what it does for me is also a pretty big deal. I spent many years – ok, basically my entire life – working on my body (through exercise and then many years eating healthy), yet rarely acknowledged what I was actually doing for myself. I didn’t admire my body. Or congratulate myself. Or embrace the positive feelings and energy associated with exercise and eating well. Often, I wanted more and so nothing was ever quite good enough. I would do it though, and I would do it a lot. And then, I would go on with the rest of my days. Like working out for hours didn’t mean anything. Though, deep deep down, at a subconscious level, I knew it did and I knew I needed it to feel confident in my skin. Mostly, working out and eating well was all I had to feel confident. Well shit, I should be grateful for that too then! Thanks again body for doing what you needed even though I didn’t yet understand – YOU ROCK!

Today, following RPM, I went for a hike. My body and the earth connecting at the deepest level (for me, anyway). Connected physically and spiritually and everything in between. Such gratitude for my overall health to be able to hike steep mountains (I made that possible! – remember, I’m a big deal) and to the exquisite nature that surrounds me where I live right now. Such a BEAUTIFUL combination.


LUV sticks …

luvsticks envelope label

I am so excited to be sharing LUV sticks with all of you, as I know you’ll be just as excited to hear about it! You just HAVE to LUV it. There’s really no way not to.

luvsticks.com explains how it all works, both as the giver and the receiver of these lovely handmade 1-of-a-kind LUV notes. Also, check out IG @luvsticks and follow it. Pretty please.

If you want to be a part of this luventure – which you most likely will cause if you’re reading my blog, you must be cool – there is a form on the site to request LUV notes. For the next few weeks, I am requesting donations which I will be giving 100% of to a family that recently experienced a horrific tragedy … unexplainable via words.

So much LUV from me to you …

Oh and please share this with anyone and everyone you know ;)

Hugs and Kisses.

so many nibs, so little time …

I just spent at least a half hour cleaning these beauties. Nooooow, it’s time to use them to make more beautiful things! As you can see, these are old school. How cool is the packaging, riiiight? They were my dad’s from back in the day, hence his name written multiple times with multiple nibs. So many nibs to choose from. I’ll start simple and small at first. Those huge nibs do get me excited though … wow, that sounded naughty ;)

As I was cleaning these, I was exploring the intricacy of these rather small objects and how they operate. Of course, I asked the question how did someone figure out how to make a nib work?! You dip this metal object in ink and it holds the ink in a tiny hole that allows it to flow consistently at each stroke. Say whaaaaa?!? Like how did you figure that out Mr. Calligraphy man?!? You are my hero.

Well, I’m off to go write a bunch of potentially meaningful words now with these fascinating pieces of art … actually, I’m going to just write each letter of the alphabet 50 times. Not quite as fun, but practice makes perfect so they say :)

have FUN guys …

Creativity is intelligence having fun. -Albert Einstein

Albert must have been one fun dude. Now, it’s our turn. Go create something. Anything. If you need some ideas, check out this word collage I created a while back! You can’t even imagine how much FUN that was to make ;)

THANKS for reading my blog …

Some of my latest greeting card creations, which I actually made for work to use. I always enjoy making these cards, yet rarely take the time to sit down, spread out a whole bunch of paper and stamps, come up with cool ideas and then clean up all the tiny leftover fragments of paper and put all the supplies away! The cleanup always seems way more overwhelming then it really is ;)

Thank you to my work team for the opportunity to make these pretty paper creations of gratitude. So much thanks going around!!! Soak it in!

ALOE everybody !!!

People say that caring for cactus is easy. I totally disagree. Ooooor maybe I just make it harder than it really is ;) I lived in Arizona for 13 years and owned some cacti, obviously. And I killed a good number of them too. Sorry guys. So cactus ain’t my thang. I moved back to New York and took on some green house plants. Those were more my speed. Water them once a week, say hi to them, pick out the dead leaves every so often (which my cat, Luna, was really good at!). But sadly, when I moved out of my Jersey City apartment, my plants did not move with me.

Just recently, I saw a cute little aloe plant in the grocery store and thought, I did so well with those house plants, maybe I have a greener thumb now. So the aloe came home with me. I got this. Um, no I don’t. Within a month, it was brown, weak and droopy. I decided I’d use its magical aloe powers on my skin, so that the plant didn’t go to waste. For about a week, I was breaking off pieces of the “leaves” for my skin’s pleasure, when I came home 2 nights ago and aloe was green again. It’s leaves were stronger and more upright and it was GREEN!!! I mean, it now looks quite the opposite of cute, but I was still super excited to have aloe back alive and kicking! I determined that the plant healed itself through healing me … told you it had magical powers. (And it also may have helped that I hadn’t watered it in a while as I thought it was dead.)

Now I can go back to saying “Aloe!” to it every morning. Get it? Gosh, I’m funny.

2-dimensional SCULPTURE …

I wasn’t going to post these last few photos (as you may have figured with my 3 day hiatus!), but then I said, fuck it, why not?! It’s not like people will comment with “Enough already, could you pleeeease stop posting these awesome photos of inspirational art in beautiful nature?!” But after these, that is seriously it. No more Storm King pics. So soak ’em up.

There are so many fabulous things to see so close to where I grew up. I’m grateful to have made my way back here to experience them at a time when I can actually be grateful for and appreciate all of it. I did not feel that way as a kid and also had no idea that most of this beauty actually existed here. I couldn’t see it, and I don’t know that I even cared. I was too focused on getting away from New York as soon as acceptably possible. I suppose now is my time to experience the wonder of upstate NY … it was just a matter of time.

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”  -Albert Einstein

2-dimensional I-BEAMS

I have no clue what this sculpture is supposed to be, but the COLORS, seriously??!? Such a beautiful complement to the perfectly blue sky and lusciously green grass and trees. This guy definitely stood out in the crowd ;)