HANDS on …

wedding vow artI shared one of these pieces (left) on social media some time ago, but hadn’t shared it here on my blog. I have also since created another piece (right). Both of these were commissioned by an old co-worker from my Architecture firm days. I’ll be honest, I really wasn’t sure how to do this. However, I knew I COULD do it. So, I said yes. Eek. And then I thought about it a whole lot, like a lot a lot; and fear made me ignore it at times; and then motivation set back in, and I played around with different lettering and techniques. It took me 3 or 4 tries to fit all the words I needed inside one heart. That’s a lot of calligraphy practice! See, there’s good in everything. I truly enjoyed the process from start to finish, even in those WTF moments ;)

I thought I had it down pat so the 2nd piece should go so much faster … and then my creative brain stepped in and decided that it needed to be in a completely different font. Which basically changed everything that I learned from doing the first piece. I went with it though … call it intuition (this just feels right) or boredom (not wanting to make the same thing again) or challenge (keep it easy for myself. now, that’s just silly). A bit of all of them, I presume. Whatever it was, it led to a very lovely piece of art for another lovely couple.

And I got to create. With my hands. Those handy hands that continue to make cool shit. Team work – heart, soul, hands, brain, energy – connection between me and those that I create for.

We are all connected in one way or another.


GREEN machine …

Green is the color of the heart chakra. Green is also the last name of my best friend. Coincidence? Hell no. [Insert a little fact about me: I don’t believe in coincidence.]

We have some mad crazy awesome synchronistic connection. The universe brought our beautiful souls together 10 or so years ago (she’d remember timing better then I). Although, the amount of time doesn’t matter anyway, as we were connected on this path long before we ever physically met at DPA Architects in Scottsdale, AZ. Oh, such fond memories …

Currently, we live on complete opposite sides of the country. We talk less now than we used to, yet our lives are more connected than ever. We seem to go through major life transitions around the same time. I left my NYC life around the same time a job in San Francisco came up for her (I left a big city, she moved to one!). The other night, we unintentionally journaled and contemplated the same topic: forgiveness. We’ve texted each other at the same exact time when we haven’t texted in days. We’ve sent each other things that are completely in line with something we are dealing with at that exact moment. This year, I sent her a birthday card with a green tea cup on it that said “Happy Birthday Best Tea” (adorable, I know). I had purchased it well in advance of her birthday, and just prior to me mailing it, she sent me a gift from her trip to Ireland: a pretty package of tea and a green tea cup. Yeah, that’s the kinda shit I’m talkin’ about.

For a while, we found this bizarre. Now, we are used to it and understand that this is our relationship. We are spiritually linked through the universe even while living thousands of miles away. It is really hard to put a relationship like this into words … if you’ve had one though, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s so magical to have this type of connection with anyone, and I’m so incredibly grateful that it’s with her :)

I’d also like to add, as it is just as important, we get each others’ sense of humor! She makes me laugh. Like for real laugh. She can send me a 2-word text that’ll crack me up. And, we can hear each other’s tone and voices through text which makes our correspondence that much funnier. We just get each other. And not too many people get us ;) Which is why we work. And why it’s easy. And amazing.

What’s also amazing is this little story: Green and I traveled last August/September together, spending 4 days in Phoenix and then made our way to California for 6 days. Every day of that vacation, we were blessed with heart-shaped “things” along our path. “Things” refer to fried eggs, rock formations, artwork, latte art, a potato pancake, graffiti, etc. All hearts. Following us along our journey together. We knew they were signs and weren’t quite sure of the meaning yet, so we embraced it, laughed about it, shared it, loved it.

Now, I can see that those hearts were a sign of opening up. For both of us. Opening our hearts to others. To each other. And, most importantly, to ourselves. We both have been on quite the adventure this past year and a half. Learning to find ourselves again and to love ourselves more deeply then ever. And I know that we were meant to be on this spiritual ride together. And giiiirlfriend, this ride ain’t over, so get strapped in and remember I’m here to support you and love you through it all. You are my human heart chakra … those are some big shoes to fill, huh?. No pressure. Just keep bein’ Green.

which way is RIGHT …

This is kinda what life feels like right now. However, I could probably add an up/down arrow too. And maybe a few diagonal arrows. I’m feeling pulled by the universe in a direction that will serve me, obviously. Yet, there are things I’m currently doing that are in different directions. Plus, there’s a long list of things I want to do. So which way do I go? What do I do? How do I get “there“?

Moments before I took this photo, I had been pulled up to the top of a mountain. I set out to hike a slightly challenging yet quick trail, out and back. The second I stepped on that rocky trail, my body just went, and didn’t stop until I reached the top. I felt an energetic pull (or push?) to get up the mountain. Even through heavy breath, I kept going at a quick pace. My mind and body felt at ease, peaceful and connected to that universe. You know, the one that’s pulling me in the right direction, which, at that moment, was up a mountain. The second I reached the top, emotion washed over me and I got choked up. It was a beautiful feeling. Trusting myself and the universe can produce amazing things. And for me, nature REALLY helps with that too …

Remember to connect to those things in your life that bring you ease and peace. And trust that it is what you need, that it is necessary to feed your heart and soul. XOXO


As some of you know, I had a frozen shoulder back in August last year. And if you are unfamiliar with a frozen shoulder, it means I literally couldn’t move my shoulder and therefore my entire arm – ya know, it was frozen. Without assistance, my arm was glued to the side of my body and I could only move it about 2″ away from my hip. So, yeah, that hurt. I moved it anyway, pushing it through the excruciating pain. Even 1/4″ felt like an accomplishment. And my mom moved it for me in wider ranges of motion. I started seeing a chiropractor a few days after the freeze and that helped immensely to get things moving around. I worked on the emotional part through reiki and through personal awareness and self-love. I started exercising again the second I felt I could, even though it still hurt at first. The area with the most discomfort has significantly improved, as in I barely feel it anymore (and if you don’t recall or know, I’ve had this discomfort for at least 8 years), even with yoga and challenging workouts. I can’t even explain how amazing that feels.

At the beginning of my work with my chiropractor, my back scan showed RED (caution! danger!) in the area around my right shoulder, equating to serious pressure on the nerves going to that area. Last week, being 6 months later (damn, time flies), the scan was GREEN (danger averted!) in that area. I could feel the change, and then to see it made it extra awesome! This is all connected to my life being on the right path right now. I am releasing all the icky stuff and bringing out a whole and healthy body, mind and spirit…fuck yes!

I am no different than any of you, so you can find your path too. If and when you are ready. I did not get here alone though. I discovered the need for outside love and support from friends, classmates, family and the universe. It is all there if you open yourself up to it…

2-dimensional WALL …

Some of you know this about me because you’ve followed my blog from the beginning or you’ve [luckily] known me for a long time … I love steel. I’m not even really sure why I’m so drawn to this material, but I AM. Is it its strength/power, its variation in color, its ability to change and morph itself (through environmental exposures of course), its simple natural beauty … ? I’ve never thought that much about it until I started writing this post. I just get excited about steel and accept our OBVIOUS connection. Maybe I was a welder in my past life :)

I used steel in one of my furniture creations (My Baby) and used it to make a hanging presentation board in college. I also rusted the board … not so naturally though, as I had only a few days for the rust to take effect! Pretty sure I remember the container of chemicals had a skull and crossbones on it. Yeah, I wasn’t so aware back then of how I could contribute to poisoning our earth. But, I do gotta say, it came out pretty damn cool! ;)

This is the extent of my working-with-steel knowledge (at least in this life), yet I still love it. So, I’m sure you can guess that I got all warm and fuzzy when I saw these Richard Serra steel walls embedded in the ground at Storm King. (And yes, I took more pictures of these simple sculptural walls than anything else there!).

Connecting to steel may seem really fucking weird to most of you, but regardless … notice the thing(s) you connect to in this world (maybe birds, roses, trees, frogs … could be anything!). No need to question it or figure out why, just notice and feel. It’s pretty neat.

connect to HAPPINESS …

I believe I mentioned in a recent post that I feel like I’m going through the motions of life right now. Doing a bunch of things I really want to be doing, but doing too many to truly enjoy any of them or do any of them well. So, I sat outside on the deck with my sketchbook and my nice pens to brainstorm on what makes me happy and this was the creative result. CONNECTION. That’s the answer at this moment. I spend so much of my time alone in my own world, my own zone, doing my own things, for me – school, blog, working out, cooking, eating – most things I do alone these days.

So what does CONNECTION mean to me? Listening. Speaking. Laughing. Loving. Being me. Community. Nature. Sharing meals. Cooking for others. Playing with my nieces. Spending time with family and friends. Connecting to my higher self. Combining my talents with other creative beings. Surrounding myself with like-minded people. Being compassionate.

Some of these things come easier to me than others. Sometimes it depends on the time of day, or time of the month, or who I’m with that makes it harder or easier. What I find most important is that I let myself truly feel the connection, however big or small it is. Acknowledge it’s presence and feel it. Otherwise, I’d still be doing all those wonderful things “alone.”

I know this isn’t easy. Honestly, I’m not sure how I’m going to make this shift exactly, but I sure as hell am going to try! Guessing I’m not the only one with a need to shift something in their life, so let’s spiritually bring our heads and hearts together to support one another during this period of shifting and evolving. Us spiritual peeps are aware that we are always shifting and evolving, but let’s try taking one step at a time … just one … go ahead, try it (I’m really talking to myself here!)  ;)

If I’m mindful of each step, I can truly enjoy each step and become really damn good at it.