this is TAROTIFIC! 

I had an amazing tarot reading done for me from a land far far away (aka California) by a beautiful woman. Kassy, whom I attended yoga teacher training with 8 years ago, did my reading. And she was dead-on. It was perfect. Magical. This was the first tarot reading I’d ever received in this fashion. What I loved most about this experience was being reminded of the spiritual energy that encircles this world, or universe rather, to make it possible for Kassy to “read me” from the other side of the country. 2700 miles away. Not that the number of miles matter, because she could have been on the complete other side of the world from me and still been dead-on. Seriously, how fucking cool is that?!?

A few things I’ll share from my reading: One of the statements Kassy made a few times was that I’m almost finished with something and to just keep going. I’m almost finished. What came up around this was that it was something more emotional and internal, not a physical thing (i.e. finishing a project or leaving a job). It feels like I’m going to be finished with some emotional blockage that I’ve been holding onto for however long and I will finally be freeeeeeee! She also mentioned that I should be involved in the healing arts – YES, I’m in the right place!!! And that it is important for me to spend a lot of time in nature because it gives me more of a creative spark – Hell Yes, it does!!! Honestly, every word of the reading resonated with me, but go get your own so you can feel as connected and excited as I did!

I am so honored to have received this gift from Kassy, and I want all of you to be equally honored. She has a fabulously named Etsy shop where you can do just that: MoonMamaDivination with various reading options. See what resonates with you and go for it! 

Photo courtesy of Kassy


a MAGICal gift …

So this glorious gift arrived in my mailbox yesterday. My mom told me I had received a package and then I remembered that Sky had asked for my address recently, so I guessed it would be from her. And it was. I excitedly opened the package to find these inside. If you’ve been following my blog, you may remember I have mentioned this book a couple of times. It has been on my [lengthy] book list, and had landed itself at the top of the list since I’ve become reunited with my creativity and all. Reunited and it feels so good.

Man, I sure do love having friends that I sync with even with 100s or 1000s of miles between us.

The adorably awesome Buddha painting is a Sky Schulz original, which I am so happy to have (even more so than the book!) ;) And, by the way, Sky told me that the book is signed by Elizabeth Gilbert!!! Say whaaa?!?

Thank You Thank You Sky … I could feel so much energy when I laid my hand on this book (you and Liz got some good vibes). Such a MAGICal feeling.