LUV sticks …

luvsticks envelope label

I am so excited to be sharing LUV sticks with all of you, as I know you’ll be just as excited to hear about it! You just HAVE to LUV it. There’s really no way not to. explains how it all works, both as the giver and the receiver of these lovely handmade 1-of-a-kind LUV notes. Also, check out IG @luvsticks and follow it. Pretty please.

If you want to be a part of this luventure – which you most likely will cause if you’re reading my blog, you must be cool – there is a form on the site to request LUV notes. For the next few weeks, I am requesting donations which I will be giving 100% of to a family that recently experienced a horrific tragedy … unexplainable via words.

So much LUV from me to you …

Oh and please share this with anyone and everyone you know ;)

Hugs and Kisses.


2-dimensional I-BEAMS

I have no clue what this sculpture is supposed to be, but the COLORS, seriously??!? Such a beautiful complement to the perfectly blue sky and lusciously green grass and trees. This guy definitely stood out in the crowd ;)

2-dimensional SCULPTURE series

Last weekend, I visited this gorgeous place called Storm King Arts Center about half hour north of where I live. There are really no words or photos that could get across the grand magnificence and beauty of this place. But, you ain’t getting away that easy cause I gotta say something!

Simply put, it’s a sculpture park. An expansive natural oasis with sculpture sprinkled everywhere! Literally. Every. Where. Not a bad place to spend 4 hours of my life. And I plan to spend more hours of my life there in the near future (yes, Sara, that means with you!).

So, at first, I put together a photo collage of various sculptures and was not impressed by this presentation format. They were all kind of blending into each other and no one photo or sculpture really stood out. Therefore, I decided to post one pic at a time. Each one deserves your individual attention and mindful observation. What better one to start with then the mirrored fence which messed with my visual perception and created quite a bit of intrigue from onlookers. Lots of us sat there and took photos looking into the fence or photos of each other on opposite sides of the fence or just stared at it for a while. As I walked up to it, I was confused by the material used … Am I seeing through something or is it reflecting back to me? Craaazy!

Holy shit, I just had a deep thought (shocking, right?) … When I reflect back on myself, it often allows me to see through something. Something deep inside that maybe I’ve been holding onto for many years, like a perception of myself that isn’t actually the truth. Bam! That totally makes sense. See, there is so much to Storm King then the eye can see in these photos. If you live near here, get yo ass there and see what comes up for you or just enjoy the shit out of it cause it’s AWEsome!!!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s 2-dimensional sculpture of choice …

finding the ONEs …

How do you know if you’re on the right path? Well, a wise lady once told me that “1’s are considered angel numbers and they represent the post of an energy gateway. The more 1’s you see, the more aligned we feel on our path. Things feel as if they are falling into place synchronistically.” (shout out to Michelle!) To me, this drawing is a whole lotta 1’s drawn at a whole lotta angles.

I drew this quite some time ago, yet never shared until now. When I drew it, maybe things were starting to fall into place. Today, as I chose this drawing to share with all of you, I can say that I truly feel things falling into place, like really seriously intuitively FEEL it. The other day, I had this bizarre sense that something amazing is coming up on this path. I can’t explain anything more than that because I sensed this and then left it in the hands of the universe. So have fun with it universe and feel free to make it EXTRA amazing … I can handle it ;)

march of LINES …

Some meditatively repetitive doodling. When I was younger, I used to get so agitated by repetition of any kind (i.e. drawing repetitive shapes, hearing or writing repeated words/letters, being touched repeatedly in the same place on my body, etc). I truly believe that a meditation practice and self-awareness has helped alter this for me over the years. I realize that sometimes the agitation is due to an emotional blockage I may need to work through in my body. And if I keep going, the agitation dissipates. And sometimes, I just gotta stop before I explode … although exploding isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Get it out! Release! This is kind of hard to explain to you, but I felt like sharing it anyway. Ok bye now.