THANKS for reading my blog …

Some of my latest greeting card creations, which I actually made for work to use. I always enjoy making these cards, yet rarely take the time to sit down, spread out a whole bunch of paper and stamps, come up with cool ideas and then clean up all the tiny leftover fragments of paper and put all the supplies away! The cleanup always seems way more overwhelming then it really is ;)

Thank you to my work team for the opportunity to make these pretty paper creations of gratitude. So much thanks going around!!! Soak it in!


HI my name is …

My first stab at fauxlligraphy. Took this class on Skillshare to try my hand at a new lettering technique. And loved it. I’m gonna keep practicing and playing around with it. So fun and flowyyyyy!!!!!

Side note: As I was putting the finishing touches on this beauty, the song “Feelin’ Good” by Nina Simone came on Pandora…the words go a l’il something like this: “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day … [plus a bunch more words that don’t really apply to this post] …” Pretty cool, eh? I’ll have to add that to my “dawn” playlist (a random ass mix of songs with the word/name d[D]awn in it. Let me know if you hear any to add to it!

Have yourself a fun and flowy day!!! :)

mom LOVE …

My mom created me and I created this card – that’s an even exchange, right?

Now I know what you’re all thinking … “Dawn, you should really sell your adorable greeting cards.” I know, I know. You guys are so sweet. Thank you. I do love making cards and sharing that love with others. Enough about me though, let’s talk about this SPECIAL day …

So, this is obviously my Mom’s Mother’s Day card I made for her. Thank you mom for making me a part of this world and for supporting me in all my crazy experimental life endeavors, allowing me to be the person I am today. Thank you for being so loving and huggy … a little (ok, big) something I need to soak up from her and take into my own life.

A beautiful day to all Moms out there, in person or in spirit. XOXOXOXO

may my news INSPIRE you to bloom …

newspaper art 02

You can draw and create on anything … even the Catholic Times ;)

No one gets newspapers anymore, but this one shows up on my mom’s driveway every so often. In case you’re curious, I am not a crazy Catholic … if I was, I would probably feel guilty defacing their newspaper. But, hey, I did make it look pretty cool. Plus, the word ‘pornography’ takes it up another notch.

The moral of this story: Try looking at things around you from a different viewpoint. They don’t all have to have one purpose/meaning, unless you let them.

this was so 2 MONTHS AGO …

xmas cards 2015

I know, I know, you are thinking, “why is this chick posting Christmas stuff?” But, come on, look how cute these cards are that I made at Christmas time. I had to share ;)