what is your VISION ?

I supported my beautiful coworker Courtney today in a Vision & Goals workshop for the new hires at work. It was such a great and rewarding experience for all involved! I so enjoyed hearing everyone’s amazing 10-year visions for their lives and the personal values that guide their visions. Each so different and magical and full of adventure. And scary. What’s that song lyric … “if your dreams don’t scare you, they ain’t big enough” … not quite the form of “English” I would have chosen, but you get what I’m sayin’. We should be nervous about the bad ass possibilities we can create in our lives. We can choose to be safe and comfortable and “normal,” but where’s the fun and excitement in that?

Create a wild and crazy spectacular vision for yourself in 10 years where money, time and experience don’t exist. Zero constraints. Trust me, you can do this. Close your eyes and visualize, then write it all down, every fabulous morsel. It’s a very exciting exercise that will change your mindset around what you truly truly want in your life!!!



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