chasing FOG …

I chased the fog today, literally. I was driving home and then turned the opposite way when I exited the parkway (I know, crazy, right?!). Toward less homes and more forest. Less cars and more trees. Less congestion and more clarity. Less in my head and more in my heart … at least for a short while …

There was some snowfall yesterday and all of the turnoffs on the roads were covered in 4″ of snow. Something a Ford Focus is not cut out for. So I kept driving until I found a road to turn on, parked and ran across the street to admire and photograph the foggy forest. This was one of the first photos I took, and within a minute (for real) the fog started lifting. How quickly things can come in and out of our lives … So, I ran down the hill (felt more like a skip as I was in good spirits at the time) chasing the fog for more photo ops. Then I realized I should probably get back to my unlocked still-running car pretty much parked in the road. So, I excitedly ran back up the hill, floating through what was left of the fog.

Look at how the fog beautifully highlighted the depth of the forest! It was such a dreamy peaceful feeling for me (hence the skipping and floating). I am so grateful to have been up and out that early to catch this natural beauty :)

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