follow your PASSION …

“If you don’t have a clear passion, and somebody blithely tells you to go follow your passion, I think you have the right to give that person the middle finger. Because that’s like somebody telling you that all you need in order to lose weight is to be thin, or all you need in order to have a great sex life is to be multiorgasmic: That doesn’t help!” -Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

Well, being multiorgasmic COULD help, but I’m not here to write about that, soooo …

“Go follow your passion” is something so many of us have said or heard. I’ve said it to myself and had it said to me a whole bunch of times. I knew what my passion was in a general sense, but not enough to just quit what I was doing and go follow it. Now, as some of you know, I did actually quit what I was doing a little over a year ago. I just knew I couldn’t continue doing the passionLESS job and life I’d been doing, so I went in search of new adventures. At that point, my passion still had no legs to stand on. All I knew was that I wanted to do something in holistic wellness and something creative. Well, I suppose that’s something of a start, but there are literally thousands of things to do in either of those career genres.

I struggled for months to figure out what my passion looked like through researching jobs and different types of holistic wellness options and through drawing and hand-lettering. Nothing screamed PASSION to me until I discovered IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) on the handy-dandy Facebook. This was the second time we’d crossed paths on FB. The first time I saw it, I was slightly intrigued, then kept swiping to capture photos of other people’s children and where someone I don’t remember from high school is now eating dinner with their friend I never knew. But, hey, that first time, I wasn’t in the right place to realize that IIN would lead me to half of my passion.

This second time struck something. Once again, there was intrigue, yet stronger this go around. In lieu of scrolling down FB any further, I went right to IIN‘s website; sent a request for more information; got a call shortly after from Pablo (I still remember his name, which has to mean something!) who described the program fully and eloquently, and I could feel my excitement growing at every word (maybe I am writing about being multiorgasmic); found out that my amazing Life Coach graduated from this program; and I signed up a week later. It felt right. I was being pulled to do it. I had finally found something solid that I was passionate about. And I was so fucking ready for it!

This happened almost a year ago. I started the program middle of January 2016, and I will be graduating in less than 2 months. Wow, Time, where have you gone?!? Throughout these past 10 months, it has become more and more apparent that health coaching is exactly where I should be. I am so excited to guide others on their own journey to health and happiness (I know, cliche, right?). My focus is working with women, in their 20s-40s, who are unhappy in their careers and struggling with managing all levels of stress, in order to help them find and live their truth and passion every day.

There’s that word passion again …

The word Elizabeth Gilbert prefers is curiosity. Try anything and everything you may be slightly or largely (and everything in between) curious about and see where it leads you. I have been curious about millions of things since entering this world and this curiosity has taken me on many adventures. Being curious about IIN led me to finding my passion. One passion at a time though, as I’m still working on the something creative part. I’ll let my creative curiosity run wild and see where that leads me ;) stay tuned …

If you’re curious to try a 60-minute complimentary health consultation, let your curiosity lead you to my inbox …

Adventures await :)

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