new and old, AS ONE …

I took this photo from the top of Hook Mountain on the morning of my birthday. It was a gorgeous day, a perfect day really, and not just because I was born on that day. (Although, let’s be honest, the world became a better place when I joined it.) The weather was glorious. As you can see, the sun sparkled on the Hudson River, the sky was clear blue and there was stillness all around me. And this view, OMG. I could sit here for hours, however, on this day, my desire was to move my body around outside! The bridge in the background is the Tappan Zee Bridge (this description is of course for the many non-New Yorkers that follow my blog). There are actually 2 bridges there, one old and one new. The new is currently under construction and makes for really fascinating, and dangerous, site-seeing when driving across the old bridge. It is pretty damn cool to see this 3 mile long bridge go up though!

Might seem weird to compare my birthday to this bridge, but this is what came up for me around this observation! As I view the old and the new together, I think about my life and my being. Per the numbers, I am getting “older” … yet I feel “newer.” Newer is a better adjective, for me anyway, than younger. When I came into this world, everything was new. I was innocent and observant and fearless and open and loving. I knew no different and had no way of knowing any different … YET. I am still that person, that is all still inside me. However, I am having to relearn it all and reclaim my beautiful open self. I am aware of it and work on it in some magnitude every day of my life now. So, each day, I really do feel newer. New to how I view things. New to how I accept and embrace things. New to how I feel about myself. New to how I feel about others. When you live in the present moment, every moment is new. Doesn’t that sound way more exciting than living in the painful past or having expectations for a future that may never come? Trust me, I know it’s not easy, but it’s absolutely possible for all of us. And it starts with awareness. Come on, let’s do this together … can you say TEAMWORK!?!?


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