gourdeous PUMPKINS …

Ok seriously, who doesn’t LOVE fall and all the shit that comes with it? If you don’t, we need to talk. Message me! ;)

Look at these piles of beauty. I went to 2 farms within 2 days and took 2 million photos of gourds and corn stalks and pumpkins ranging from tiny to enormous and specialty pumpkins that look like they belong in Cinderella and green ones and ones with warts and ones that look like giant squashes and … shit, I can’t even list all of them. You get it, if you get that fall is the bomb. I may be posting these photos all the way through winter cause I got some pretty good shots. Although, I can’t take full credit for how good they are, because pumpkins make pretty fabulous models even without much airbrushing or filtering.  Yes, I may be biased because I am an autumnal baby (as in I was born today 39 years ago). But let’s be honest, I know you all want to relive the beauty of this season along with me for the next few months. So get ready for a whole lot of orange in your inbox ;)


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