ARTumn leaves …

Who needs art stores when you have nature? OK, not really, cause I kinda love my drawing pens like A LOT. On this day though, nature was my canvas and my medium. Nature allows me to free my mind in order to create. And not just create pretty pinwheels of autumn leaves…create ANYTHING. (FYI I’m an arteest outside the woods also.)

Almost one year ago, I took a lovely art class on ‘nature sculpture’ when I was living at Omega. We walked around the woods and made art with sticks and leaves and moss and rocks and broken glass (if it’s there, you might as well use it). I had never looked at nature in that way before, and it was extremely calming and meditative to create in this way. So, as I was walking among the colorful fallen leaves the other day, it seemed the exact perfect time to make something beautiful.

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