starved for PLAY …

On Sunday, I picked up (as in held, not picked up in a car) my nieces and it felt so good. Ignore the fact that that sounds creepy. But, as y’all know, I couldn’t really play with my nieces or pick them up or throw them around (in a fun safe way, of course) with my shoulder pain. I avoided lifting pretty much everything for at least 4 weeks. In that time, I went on vacation and made my friends lift my luggage in and out of cars (love you guys!), I stopped going to the gym, I couldn’t vacuum at work … well, let’s be honest here, I couldn’t even lift my arm itself let alone heavy objects. So, obviously, small humans were not an option. While I was on vacation, my shoulder started to feel unbelievably better and has been feeling so ever since. It just needed a vacation! See how your body can heal when you escape for a bit?! The pain is pretty much gone, and I can move it and lift things again. There is some soreness in the area that’s been bothering me for all these years, and I am also working on getting full range of motion back. I feel positive that I will free this stuckness and be able to move my arm even better than before the frozen shoulder! Hopefully, I can make that happen by throwing my 2.5 year old niece in the air and doing cartwheels with my 7 year old niece…should be fine, right?

I’m so grateful for everyone’s support while I was temporarily dysfunctional. My work team was extremely helpful and understanding. My mom did passive assist arm movements for me since it hurt too much to engage my own muscles. My chiropractor adjusted, lasered and massaged me to decrease the pain and start putting parts back where they belong. My dad gave me money to help with my chiropractor appointments as I didn’t have health insurance at the time. My family and friends checked in to see how I was feeling. My cat snuggled with me. And even I felt more supportive of myself through taking time to rest and breathe. Allow myself to … support myself.

No matter your age, make sure to squeeze some play into your day. It helps to have kids around for sure! I don’t play much myself (so I need to take my own advice) until my nieces are around. And there is no better play than that :)

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