ALOE everybody !!!

People say that caring for cactus is easy. I totally disagree. Ooooor maybe I just make it harder than it really is ;) I lived in Arizona for 13 years and owned some cacti, obviously. And I killed a good number of them too. Sorry guys. So cactus ain’t my thang. I moved back to New York and took on some green house plants. Those were more my speed. Water them once a week, say hi to them, pick out the dead leaves every so often (which my cat, Luna, was really good at!). But sadly, when I moved out of my Jersey City apartment, my plants did not move with me.

Just recently, I saw a cute little aloe plant in the grocery store and thought, I did so well with those house plants, maybe I have a greener thumb now. So the aloe came home with me. I got this. Um, no I don’t. Within a month, it was brown, weak and droopy. I decided I’d use its magical aloe powers on my skin, so that the plant didn’t go to waste. For about a week, I was breaking off pieces of the “leaves” for my skin’s pleasure, when I came home 2 nights ago and aloe was green again. It’s leaves were stronger and more upright and it was GREEN!!! I mean, it now looks quite the opposite of cute, but I was still super excited to have aloe back alive and kicking! I determined that the plant healed itself through healing me … told you it had magical powers. (And it also may have helped that I hadn’t watered it in a while as I thought it was dead.)

Now I can go back to saying “Aloe!” to it every morning. Get it? Gosh, I’m funny.


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