2-dimensional SCULPTURE …

I wasn’t going to post these last few photos (as you may have figured with my 3 day hiatus!), but then I said, fuck it, why not?! It’s not like people will comment with “Enough already, could you pleeeease stop posting these awesome photos of inspirational art in beautiful nature?!” But after these, that is seriously it. No more Storm King pics. So soak ’em up.

There are so many fabulous things to see so close to where I grew up. I’m grateful to have made my way back here to experience them at a time when I can actually be grateful for and appreciate all of it. I did not feel that way as a kid and also had no idea that most of this beauty actually existed here. I couldn’t see it, and I don’t know that I even cared. I was too focused on getting away from New York as soon as acceptably possible. I suppose now is my time to experience the wonder of upstate NY … it was just a matter of time.

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”  -Albert Einstein


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