2-dimensional WALL …

Some of you know this about me because you’ve followed my blog from the beginning or you’ve [luckily] known me for a long time … I love steel. I’m not even really sure why I’m so drawn to this material, but I AM. Is it its strength/power, its variation in color, its ability to change and morph itself (through environmental exposures of course), its simple natural beauty … ? I’ve never thought that much about it until I started writing this post. I just get excited about steel and accept our OBVIOUS connection. Maybe I was a welder in my past life :)

I used steel in one of my furniture creations (My Baby) and used it to make a hanging presentation board in college. I also rusted the board … not so naturally though, as I had only a few days for the rust to take effect! Pretty sure I remember the container of chemicals had a skull and crossbones on it. Yeah, I wasn’t so aware back then of how I could contribute to poisoning our earth. But, I do gotta say, it came out pretty damn cool! ;)

This is the extent of my working-with-steel knowledge (at least in this life), yet I still love it. So, I’m sure you can guess that I got all warm and fuzzy when I saw these Richard Serra steel walls embedded in the ground at Storm King. (And yes, I took more pictures of these simple sculptural walls than anything else there!).

Connecting to steel may seem really fucking weird to most of you, but regardless … notice the thing(s) you connect to in this world (maybe birds, roses, trees, frogs … could be anything!). No need to question it or figure out why, just notice and feel. It’s pretty neat.


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