be all YOU can be …

Yesterday, I was listening to Coldplay’s latest album and for whatever reason, I stopped what I was doing to hear the lyrics “… army of one.” Not sure why those words made me stop and listen, but then I simply proceeded with getting ready for yoga. After yoga, I went to Starbucks to do some school work and listened to an entertaining, enthralling, informative lecture by Howard Lyman titled Live Within the Constraints of Your Environment and at the very end of his lecture, he said “start your own army of one.” I smiled and noted this in my notebook for future use. Soooo, welcome to the future …

A good portion of the lecture was about the truth behind factory farming of animals, which most people are confused on what to believe, or don’t want to admit to what’s happening so they pretend it’s not happening, or they just have no idea. I have been researching and studying food nutrition for a long time now, so I have been confused and disgusted and angered by the meat industry many times over. And confused and disgusted and angered by the government for allowing factory farms to continue with certain processes. And confused and disgusted and angered by consumers for buying this, quite frankly, disgusting so-called “food.” But, all of my confusion, disgust and anger doesn’t change anything. So this is where my army of one comes in. What I can do is change ME, change my own actions and what I contribute to this issue and ultimately to the world; and then I can share this with others willing to listen/learn and willing to change with me. But, it always starts with me. Everything starts with me.

I feel it’s important to share that I have never quit eating meat, even with knowing what I know. And honestly, I do still eat that “so-called food” every once in a blue moon, at a restaurant or visiting friends/family. There are ways to do the right thing for our animals, our earth and our future. For one, I eat much less meat/fish and smaller portions then I used to (approx 3 times per week), and I only purchase grass-fed beef and humanely processed bacon. I don’t have a good source for other meats, so I don’t buy anything else right now. And, guess what, I feel fantastic and healthy and real and whole! YAY!

Factory farming is not at all sustainable for our earth or our health, so something needs to change and it can only change with each one of us. I could share loads of facts about this disturbing operation, but that’s not really why I’m writing this (however, if you want to know more, I’m all too happy to share! ;) ). I’m writing this to bring awareness and to also remind myself of the person I want to be in this world. As I am also asking myself the below question and how I can live

“The future is not what we take with us, it’s what we live.”* Are you doing what you can do now to change the unsettling direction our future is headed?

“The amazing things that are done are done by people we’ve never heard of”* … That’s most of us, so let’s do amazing things! OK, GO!!! And report back to me if you want to share how you are making worldly changes :)

*quoted by Howard Lyman

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