let out a big SIGH …

I’ve been seeing a whole bunch of cars with license plates starting with “HAH.” The other day, I was feeling really f’ing tense and pulled into a parking spot next to one of these HAH cars, and I thought shit, that’s my reminder to breathe! So I took a deep breath and let out a big ol’ sigh … haaaaaaah. I had to see a bunch of these license plates before realizing why I was seeing them, but sometimes I need things thrown in my face more than once before I catch on. It’s all good. I’m human.

Funny story: As I was pulling out of the parking lot where I saw the car that caused my epiphany, I thought “I should’ve taken a photo of the plate to accompany my blog post.” But, I was already pulling away, and we were the only 2 cars in the small lot, and I wasn’t looking for creeper-status that day. Now this idea was in my head, so I had to have a photo. I was walking to my car yesterday after work and went down the farther aisle (not anywhere near where my car was parked), away from store entrances, to seek out one of these plates.  Creeper-status in effect. Walked the whole row and nothing. So I turned in between 2 cars, and as I was saying “oh well, this blog post isn’t meant to be right now,” I looked down at the car to my left and guess what????? There she was. HAH. I smiled. I breathed. Thanks universe. Then I crouched down in between 2 car grills like a total creeper and photographed some random person’s license plate, all the while hoping they didn’t come back to their car at that very moment (or anyone else in the surrounding area!). Click, click, click. Go! Like I was never there …

2-dimensional SCULPTURE …

I wasn’t going to post these last few photos (as you may have figured with my 3 day hiatus!), but then I said, fuck it, why not?! It’s not like people will comment with “Enough already, could you pleeeease stop posting these awesome photos of inspirational art in beautiful nature?!” But after these, that is seriously it. No more Storm King pics. So soak ’em up.

There are so many fabulous things to see so close to where I grew up. I’m grateful to have made my way back here to experience them at a time when I can actually be grateful for and appreciate all of it. I did not feel that way as a kid and also had no idea that most of this beauty actually existed here. I couldn’t see it, and I don’t know that I even cared. I was too focused on getting away from New York as soon as acceptably possible. I suppose now is my time to experience the wonder of upstate NY … it was just a matter of time.

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”  -Albert Einstein

2-dimensional WALL …

Some of you know this about me because you’ve followed my blog from the beginning or you’ve [luckily] known me for a long time … I love steel. I’m not even really sure why I’m so drawn to this material, but I AM. Is it its strength/power, its variation in color, its ability to change and morph itself (through environmental exposures of course), its simple natural beauty … ? I’ve never thought that much about it until I started writing this post. I just get excited about steel and accept our OBVIOUS connection. Maybe I was a welder in my past life :)

I used steel in one of my furniture creations (My Baby) and used it to make a hanging presentation board in college. I also rusted the board … not so naturally though, as I had only a few days for the rust to take effect! Pretty sure I remember the container of chemicals had a skull and crossbones on it. Yeah, I wasn’t so aware back then of how I could contribute to poisoning our earth. But, I do gotta say, it came out pretty damn cool! ;)

This is the extent of my working-with-steel knowledge (at least in this life), yet I still love it. So, I’m sure you can guess that I got all warm and fuzzy when I saw these Richard Serra steel walls embedded in the ground at Storm King. (And yes, I took more pictures of these simple sculptural walls than anything else there!).

Connecting to steel may seem really fucking weird to most of you, but regardless … notice the thing(s) you connect to in this world (maybe birds, roses, trees, frogs … could be anything!). No need to question it or figure out why, just notice and feel. It’s pretty neat.

2-dimensional I-BEAMS

I have no clue what this sculpture is supposed to be, but the COLORS, seriously??!? Such a beautiful complement to the perfectly blue sky and lusciously green grass and trees. This guy definitely stood out in the crowd ;)

2-dimensional BUDDHA …

3-legged Buddha … maybe this is making reference to mind, body and spirit; maybe to the three jewels of Buddhism; maybe to both; or maybe to whatever each individual who views this sculpture connects with in their own spirituality. Just cause I think it’s cool to share and cause I’m guessing many of you don’t know what the 3 jewels are (I didn’t remember myself, honestly): the Buddha, the Dharma (the teaching of the Buddha) and the Sangha (the community that follows the teaching).

As you can see from the teeny tiny people in the background, this Buddha is massive and overpowering. It’s definitely got something to say, it’s just a matter of whether or not we all listen …

2-dimensional SCULPTURE series

Last weekend, I visited this gorgeous place called Storm King Arts Center about half hour north of where I live. There are really no words or photos that could get across the grand magnificence and beauty of this place. But, you ain’t getting away that easy cause I gotta say something!

Simply put, it’s a sculpture park. An expansive natural oasis with sculpture sprinkled everywhere! Literally. Every. Where. Not a bad place to spend 4 hours of my life. And I plan to spend more hours of my life there in the near future (yes, Sara, that means with you!).

So, at first, I put together a photo collage of various sculptures and was not impressed by this presentation format. They were all kind of blending into each other and no one photo or sculpture really stood out. Therefore, I decided to post one pic at a time. Each one deserves your individual attention and mindful observation. What better one to start with then the mirrored fence which messed with my visual perception and created quite a bit of intrigue from onlookers. Lots of us sat there and took photos looking into the fence or photos of each other on opposite sides of the fence or just stared at it for a while. As I walked up to it, I was confused by the material used … Am I seeing through something or is it reflecting back to me? Craaazy!

Holy shit, I just had a deep thought (shocking, right?) … When I reflect back on myself, it often allows me to see through something. Something deep inside that maybe I’ve been holding onto for many years, like a perception of myself that isn’t actually the truth. Bam! That totally makes sense. See, there is so much to Storm King then the eye can see in these photos. If you live near here, get yo ass there and see what comes up for you or just enjoy the shit out of it cause it’s AWEsome!!!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s 2-dimensional sculpture of choice …

you can HEAL you …

This is my daily shot of tumeric (1 tsp in a little almond milk). It started as an attempt to heal an abscess I’ve had for way more years than I’d like to admit to. Now, if you don’t know what an abscess is, feel free to look that up on the world wide web in lieu of me explaining its infectious abilities. So, I am happy to report that the tumeric has been working and the abscess has significantly been reduced in size and discomfort. Which is totally bad ass!

Tumeric is highly anti-inflammatory and can be used to heal or at least assist in healing a number of different concerns/diseases. Check out this article for a number of them. I have also noticed a significant difference in my menstrual cramps … as in they no longer exist. So ladies, drink up!

I admit that straight-up tumeric like this may not appeal to very many people’s taste buds. I have drank a lot of weird shit, so I really don’t mind it and I believe that once you get over the initial weird-factor, you’ll get used to it and it’ll be fine … I promise!? Of course, you can also add it to your food, but I just find this to be easier and quicker and there is no thought involved!

It’s truly fascinating to me to be able to heal myself by purely natural means. And we can all do this!!! Listen to your body and be your own doctor :)

go NUTS !!!

Layers and layers of healthy goodness. You too can have this beautiful creation in a million different variations. I buy most of my dried goods from nuts.com and health food stores. And I like to mix up what I buy and try new things and then combine them all into my own random mix of trail. This one consists of: dried cranberries, raisins, dried pluots (plum/apricot hybrid), walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, tiger nuts (roots, not nuts), cacao nuts, banana chips, and roasted dried fava beans.

I do advise you to shake it up before eating … but then it doesn’t look as pretty as this. However, it tastes delicious and nutritious, and I suppose that’s what really matters ;)

break OPEN …

“Your heart can grow strong at the broken places.” -Jack Kornfield

Most of us (me included) are so afraid of having our hearts broken. But, unbeknownst to most of us, a broken heart literally and figuratively becomes an open heart. A world of open hearts equals a world full of love and acceptance of everyone and everything. And lord knows we need a shitload of that right now … and forever and ever going forward.

I have just come to understand this concept within the past 8 months or so. I used to dwell on how much it hurt to have my heart broken by my first love. It hurt so fucking bad. At the time. And for years after. Then within these past 8 months, it started to make sense to me. I had to experience that broken heart in order to let more incredible people into my life and in order to love myself truly and completely. I whole-heartedly believe that without each break, whether a tiny seemingly meaningless chip or a giant fucking fracture, I would not be in the positively expansive spiritual place I am in today. I will continue to have my heart broken and to break my own heart, as we are by far the best at hurting ourselves – yay us! – but I will try my darnedest to see those breaks as grateful openings on my new path through this thang called life … aaaaaaand, BREAK!