finding the ONEs …

How do you know if you’re on the right path? Well, a wise lady once told me that “1’s are considered angel numbers and they represent the post of an energy gateway. The more 1’s you see, the more aligned we feel on our path. Things feel as if they are falling into place synchronistically.” (shout out to Michelle!) To me, this drawing is a whole lotta 1’s drawn at a whole lotta angles.

I drew this quite some time ago, yet never shared until now. When I drew it, maybe things were starting to fall into place. Today, as I chose this drawing to share with all of you, I can say that I truly feel things falling into place, like really seriously intuitively FEEL it. The other day, I had this bizarre sense that something amazing is coming up on this path. I can’t explain anything more than that because I sensed this and then left it in the hands of the universe. So have fun with it universe and feel free to make it EXTRA amazing … I can handle it ;)

2 thoughts on “finding the ONEs …

  1. Ok this is so interesting. I see 1111 or 11 or 111 all the time. Like its unreal how much and how often I see these numbers. On my phone or an address or liscence plate. I hear that seeing these numbers is also biblical and meaningful. GO US!!!! xo Awesome things to come!


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