the WAY …

… is within all of us …

“There is not a single soul who does not have Buddha’s wisdom, yet they are all deluded by illusions and obsessions, thus not able to be awakened…Amazing! Amazing! Why these sentient beings possess Buddha’s wisdom, yet being so ignorant and confused, not knowing and not seeing the Way. I should teach them the sacred path and lead them to be forever away from delusions and obsession. Thus, they can see the immense wisdom of awareness within their hearts; that the wisdom in them is no different than any Buddhas.”

This is the Chuang Yen Monastery in Carmel NY. Went to this beautiful, peaceful place with my mom last Thursday. Here lives the largest Buddha in the Western Hemisphere (see photo above). If you have any interest in Buddhism or just desire a calming place to wander around, you should go! On Saturday and Sunday, they serve a vegetarian lunch from 12-1pm. And a kind fella informed us that they also have open meditation and dharma talk Saturday morning before lunch (however, I can’t seem to find this on their website, so need to do some further research). That sounds like a lovely Saturday to me!!!

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