the right WORDS at the right TIME …

I was laying on my yoga mat last night and asked the universe for a sign that I’m going to move past this stressful confusing unsettled place I am in and that I am on the right path. Post-namaste, I slowly put my props away and rolled up my mat and on my way to the door, passed by the Buddhist wisdom of the day book and read this. I suppose that’s my sign, huh?!

“When faced with a feeling of stagnation and confusion, it may be helpful to take an hour, an afternoon, or even several days to reflect on what it is that will truly bring us happiness.”

I am doing a number of things right now that would make me happy. Yet, I feel so frazzled in all of them, that they fail to excite me or make me happy. Maybe I need to cut back on some things; maybe I need to give myself a break and be patient through this life-changing time; maybe I need to shift my attitude. Ok, it’s all of these things (and more?!). Time to journal and reflect on what truly makes me happy … because without knowing that, how could I move forward on that ‘right path’? Riiiight?

2 thoughts on “the right WORDS at the right TIME …

  1. I am totally feel g the same way lately. I don’t know if I am burnt out on design or what. Seems like I just move through the days endlessly. I have so much to be greatful for, but nothing really excites me. Hope it is just a phase and that I will get me groove back.

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