love in ALL directions …

No matter how you look at it, it’s still true.

how’s the LEATHER ?

This is some gorgeous leather craftsmanship. I recently purchased this clutch from a local company, Grassroots Leather. And I was so happy with this uniquely designed and crafted bag that I had to share on my creative blog, obvi. Check out their Etsy shop for more beautiful leather.

vic, vic, vic, VICTORIOUS …

V is for VICTORY! I was driving to yoga a couple mornings ago and saw a sign along the street – a red V in a white circle. For whatever reason, I thought V is for VICTORY! YAY!!! (Yes, this is how my brain works.) Then, I went to the gym yesterday and a fellow iron-pumper had a shirt on that said “VICTORY”. Then, I was driving to work after pumping iron and happened to turn my head and read one street sign that just so happened to be Victor St. So, this seemed like a “there’s your sign” scenario (literally) and became an absolutely necessary blog post, of course.

It got me thinking about how throughout most of my life, I never recognized my victories, like seriously never. And I had a lot of them. I’ve done a lot of things in hopes that just one of those things would change my life forever and change how I felt about myself. However, without acknowledging any of them, nothing changes. Thankfully, I am no longer that version of myself. I pay gratitude to myself for small things, like taking the time to meditate and for supporting my body and mind throughout a yoga class and for creating beautiful meals for myself every day. These seemingly small tokens of gratitude are actually HUGE victories for me, and I know that they will grow into much more recognition of my life’s victories, both big and small. Even as I write this post, I realize how far I’ve come and how sharing my true self with all of you is a major victory for me. So thank you all for being my inspiration and for helping me (whether you realize it or not) to heal myself. VICTORY!!!

[PS – Man, I love me some Notorious B.I.G.]

finding the ONEs …

How do you know if you’re on the right path? Well, a wise lady once told me that “1’s are considered angel numbers and they represent the post of an energy gateway. The more 1’s you see, the more aligned we feel on our path. Things feel as if they are falling into place synchronistically.” (shout out to Michelle!) To me, this drawing is a whole lotta 1’s drawn at a whole lotta angles.

I drew this quite some time ago, yet never shared until now. When I drew it, maybe things were starting to fall into place. Today, as I chose this drawing to share with all of you, I can say that I truly feel things falling into place, like really seriously intuitively FEEL it. The other day, I had this bizarre sense that something amazing is coming up on this path. I can’t explain anything more than that because I sensed this and then left it in the hands of the universe. So have fun with it universe and feel free to make it EXTRA amazing … I can handle it ;)

the WAY …

… is within all of us …

“There is not a single soul who does not have Buddha’s wisdom, yet they are all deluded by illusions and obsessions, thus not able to be awakened…Amazing! Amazing! Why these sentient beings possess Buddha’s wisdom, yet being so ignorant and confused, not knowing and not seeing the Way. I should teach them the sacred path and lead them to be forever away from delusions and obsession. Thus, they can see the immense wisdom of awareness within their hearts; that the wisdom in them is no different than any Buddhas.”

This is the Chuang Yen Monastery in Carmel NY. Went to this beautiful, peaceful place with my mom last Thursday. Here lives the largest Buddha in the Western Hemisphere (see photo above). If you have any interest in Buddhism or just desire a calming place to wander around, you should go! On Saturday and Sunday, they serve a vegetarian lunch from 12-1pm. And a kind fella informed us that they also have open meditation and dharma talk Saturday morning before lunch (however, I can’t seem to find this on their website, so need to do some further research). That sounds like a lovely Saturday to me!!!

HI my name is …

My first stab at fauxlligraphy. Took this class on Skillshare to try my hand at a new lettering technique. And loved it. I’m gonna keep practicing and playing around with it. So fun and flowyyyyy!!!!!

Side note: As I was putting the finishing touches on this beauty, the song “Feelin’ Good” by Nina Simone came on Pandora…the words go a l’il something like this: “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day … [plus a bunch more words that don’t really apply to this post] …” Pretty cool, eh? I’ll have to add that to my “dawn” playlist (a random ass mix of songs with the word/name d[D]awn in it. Let me know if you hear any to add to it!

Have yourself a fun and flowy day!!! :)

effort AND ease …

doing nothing is very different than being still

Ponder THAT.

This was the theme of the yoga class I took last night and I definitely pondered THAT on my drive home last night. Where in life are we ‘doing’ and where are we ‘being’? Doing comes much easier to most of us, but oddly, doing doesn’t make life easier. So let’s pick one area of our lives and just try to ‘be’ in it today. Hmmmm, what will I choose??? … relationship, food, health, self-love, work? … ok, I’m thinking way too much about this. I should probably just let it be ;)

connect to HAPPINESS …

I believe I mentioned in a recent post that I feel like I’m going through the motions of life right now. Doing a bunch of things I really want to be doing, but doing too many to truly enjoy any of them or do any of them well. So, I sat outside on the deck with my sketchbook and my nice pens to brainstorm on what makes me happy and this was the creative result. CONNECTION. That’s the answer at this moment. I spend so much of my time alone in my own world, my own zone, doing my own things, for me – school, blog, working out, cooking, eating – most things I do alone these days.

So what does CONNECTION mean to me? Listening. Speaking. Laughing. Loving. Being me. Community. Nature. Sharing meals. Cooking for others. Playing with my nieces. Spending time with family and friends. Connecting to my higher self. Combining my talents with other creative beings. Surrounding myself with like-minded people. Being compassionate.

Some of these things come easier to me than others. Sometimes it depends on the time of day, or time of the month, or who I’m with that makes it harder or easier. What I find most important is that I let myself truly feel the connection, however big or small it is. Acknowledge it’s presence and feel it. Otherwise, I’d still be doing all those wonderful things “alone.”

I know this isn’t easy. Honestly, I’m not sure how I’m going to make this shift exactly, but I sure as hell am going to try! Guessing I’m not the only one with a need to shift something in their life, so let’s spiritually bring our heads and hearts together to support one another during this period of shifting and evolving. Us spiritual peeps are aware that we are always shifting and evolving, but let’s try taking one step at a time … just one … go ahead, try it (I’m really talking to myself here!)  ;)

If I’m mindful of each step, I can truly enjoy each step and become really damn good at it.