i FORAGED this …

foraging before and after

This morning, I went for a short walk in the woods before my hardcore (not really) weights workout at the gym. I had stopped for a bit to take some photos of morning dew on a bush as a lady walked by with her dog and she told me that there are lots of wild scallions around right now. She said she picked some recently and added that they are much healthier than scallions you could buy in the store … I strongly agreed, of course (if you know me, you would know just how strongly I agreed). Then we got to chatting about eating local and she asked if I was a member of the Cropsey Farm CSA. OMG, someone who speaks my language! Plus, I had been considering joining this CSA. I am so grateful for those people that come along in my life and I can throw out holistic wellness acronyms and they know what I’m talking about. However, I am also extremely grateful for the ones that have no fucking clue what I’m saying, yet are ever so curious and want to learn more.

So, basically, I wanted to be friends with this lady, obviously. She told me to pick wild scallions and that there are lots of wild raspberries to pick here in the summer and told me about a few different CSAs in the area … yeah, her and I should be BFFs. Plus her dog was cute.

I walked back to the car carrying my scallions and on the way grabbed a few dandelion greens to spice (or bitter, rather) up my eggs that I had planned on making when I got home. Wrapped my foraged goods in a towel, went to the gym to get pumped up, then excitedly drove home with a growling stomach to cook my nature snacks!!! The greens on the bottom are spinach that I had at home, 2 pasture-raised over-medium eggs, sauteed scallions and dandelion greens with crushed red pepper and goat cheese on top. You can all wipe up your drool now. It did taste that good too.

Many areas have foraging classes if you have any desire to peruse nature for your food. I have never taken one myself (it’s on my list of things to do one day!), but I know that these 2 things are safe to eat … unless a dog pee’d on them, but I’ll live regardless ;)

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