buddhist WISDOM of the day …

April 25

The mind is restless, unsteady,

hard to guard, hard to control.

The wise one makes it straight,

like a fletcher straightens an arrow.

How good it is to rein in the mind

Which is unruly, capricious, rushing wherever it pleases.

The mind so harnessed will bring one happiness.

Your worst enemy cannot harm you

as much as your own unguarded thoughts.

A well-directed mind creates more happiness

than even the loving actions of your parents.

Buddha Shakyamuni, quoted by Joseph Goldstein


*For those of you that already got an email on this post, I apologize that you are seeing it again. Weirdly, I posted this last night and then it disappeared from WordPress land. I am so confused how this happened, but now I have to just let it go …

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