the beatles said IT best …

Do I really even need to say anything about this?


No, but I will anyway ;)

A lesson in life and love … LET. IT. BE. These words came to mind when I drew this last September. These are words I need to remind myself of often (hence why I’m posting them today). I am always working working working on health, on school, on relationships, on goals, on being active, on feeling good about myself, even relaxing seems like work for me sometimes (seriously! sad face). Often, the less effort you put into something, the more reward you receive. Less work = more joy. Shit, that sounds nice. Now, how do I do that ?!?? Well, my awareness has definitely grown in this area, so I’m headed in the right direction …

Take a moment today to just let it (whatever “it” is for you) be. Smile. Breathe. Meditate. Gaze at the sky. Drink a beer. Do you. Or should I say BE you.  :)


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