shamFUCKINGpoo …

Last night, I had my first stab at making shampoo. I bought what I needed (most of the ingredients I already had…most? There’s like 3 ingredients, Dawn) over a month ago, and thought way too much since then about the fact that I haven’t yet made the shampoo. Then finally did it last night and it took Five. Fucking. Minutes. Literally. Do you know how much mental energy I’ve wasted thinking about how I need to make this shampoo? … Shit, I’m running out of store-bought shampoo so I really need to make the shampoo … I need to make the shampoo before I use up all my cans of coconut milk … I wish I would set aside some time to make the shampoo … I even journaled about it for Christ sake … I stared at the empty old shampoo bottle every day as I got ready in the morning and then ready again for bed … It’s like it was looking up at me saying fill me, fill me, pretty please just fucking fill me already.

Well, I fucking filled you with all of the lovely ingredients shown above: coconut milk, castille soap, olive oil and essential oils (I chose lavender and chamomile). (Recipe c/o Wellness Mama.)

I haven’t yet used it so I can’t report on that today. I was just very excited that I made it and wanted you all to know. And in case you are worried about me, I really don’t have any anger toward myself for not making it, it just makes for a way funnier story ;) My point is though that we can waste so much time and energy on things that just really don’t matter in life, which ends up making that “thing” (i.e. making shampoo) so much less enjoyable than it could’ve been. Life really isn’t hard … we just make it that way. 

Natural shampoo, fuck yeah!!!

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