to soft skin + loving YOU …

Last night’s creation – lotion bars! Aren’t they pretty? And the scent is chocolate peppermint. If you could smell them, you would want to eat them too. Which is not completely out of the question, except for maybe the beeswax part ;)

They are super easy to make – equal parts of cocoa butter (or shea or mango), coconut oil and beeswax; plus 20 drops of your essential oil of choice. And then some other stuff happens … if you want the complete recipe, I’d love to share it with you!

My goal is to make all of my beauty products, ok maybe 90% cause I ain’t making mascara and eyebrow makeup. Good thing I’m just naturally beautiful and don’t need to use a lot of them ;)

You are all naturally beautiful too. Look at yourself in the mirror today and find one – just one, however big or small – thing about yourself that you love. Trust me, I know it’s not easy. It’s taken me 38 years to be able to do this. And you can too!



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