above AND below …

So this happened on Saturday. Obviously this was not intended to be part of my B&W photo series (unless I could predict its future awesomeness). However I could not resist sharing this photo with you. This is the Hudson River from Nyack Beach Park. And the way this tree hangs over the water … come on, could it be any more perfect?! And the sun rays, seriously?!?!

I was feeling rather emotional that morning, so I sat at the edge of the water, watching it wave and splash against the concrete wall upon which I sat; watching the way the sun hit the water. And then my emotional self got all deep … I started thinking about how the water constantly moves, changing its shape, energy, color, etc and how it will never ever be exactly the same as what I saw in that instant. It also has no idea what shape it will take on next. It just is.

I thought about how this relates to me and how much I’ve grown in the past few years and how I will never be the same ever again either. Making such major positive changes in my life can only keep me moving forward. Every moment of my life is new and I will strive to be open to this always. There are times that I just want to let my life be like the river that “just is” … yet, my brain gets in the way of that quite often. I am very much living in my head these days, so I intend to work on grounding myself more. Continuing to hike and connect to the earth through my feet will surely help, along with eating root veggies and drinking grounding herbs. I need to remember to also strive for BALANCE in being grounded yet also connecting to my higher self. Game on.


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