HAPPY gut and HAPPY mind …


Look at this beautiful creation – Water Kefir. Sitting outside studying and drinking my happy healthy bacteria “juice” in the gorgeous sunshine ;)

Some of you may have heard of kefir or seen it in the grocery stores, but that one is made of milk. I make mine with water (no dairy for this gal – ok, fine, cheese and ice cream every so often cause it’s just so yummy!). Water, sugar and kefir grains – these three ingredients make billions of bacteria!

Many (most) of us have digestive systems that aren’t working quite right and it’s related to those little guys. And the health of your digestive microbiome is related to your brain health and immunity as well, so pretty much EVERYTHING in your body is connected to the health of your gut. 70% of your immune system is in your gut. Think about that and how it relates to all of the illness and disease today. Happy gut = happy life :)



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