school of FLOWERS …

This is a few months old, but I just had to share another creative experiment of mine – a flower arranging class at the Flower School NY. My amazing Arizona friends and I did some flower arranging back in the day, ya know, when we were young whippersnappers. A wonderfully giving florist downtown used to teach free classes once a month as part of Phoenix’s First Friday art walk. And the classes were led by the equally amazing Sarah Noffi (bad ass creative being – jewelry, furniture, metalwork, flowers (obviously), and who knows what else!).

So, I’ve always had a liking toward floral design and thought I’d give it another shot to see if it was something I wanted to dive deeper into. I did enjoy the class and the beautiful arrangement that resulted from it. However, that’s where it ended at this point in my life.  Instead, I signed up to save the world as a Health Coach! Figured it would make more sense to save the world with health and wellness than with flowers ;)

But, I sure do enjoy their scent and eye candy!

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