listen. to. THIS. 

Those are frogs. For. Fuckin’. Reals.

Went for a short stroll in the woods Tuesday and was welcomed by this sound. I was infatuated (duh) and soooooo excited (duh again). For those of you who don’t know about my frog thang, do a little searchy search for “frogs” at the bottom of this page to get yourself in the loop! However, regardless of whether you really like frogs or not, you must agree that this natural “welcome spring” frog song is pretty bad ass! I stood by the water listening for a bit, then walked for about an hour, then listened some more with a wide-ass grin on my face, then was almost late to work ;)

The frogs deserve to have this post all to themselves, so I will share more photos and words about this day in a follow up post. Stay tuned …

And have yourselves a frogtastic day!!!

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