above AND below …

So this happened on Saturday. Obviously this was not intended to be part of my B&W photo series (unless I could predict its future awesomeness). However I could not resist sharing this photo with you. This is the Hudson River from Nyack Beach Park. And the way this tree hangs over the water … come on, could it be any more perfect?! And the sun rays, seriously?!?!

I was feeling rather emotional that morning, so I sat at the edge of the water, watching it wave and splash against the concrete wall upon which I sat; watching the way the sun hit the water. And then my emotional self got all deep … I started thinking about how the water constantly moves, changing its shape, energy, color, etc and how it will never ever be exactly the same as what I saw in that instant. It also has no idea what shape it will take on next. It just is.

I thought about how this relates to me and how much I’ve grown in the past few years and how I will never be the same ever again either. Making such major positive changes in my life can only keep me moving forward. Every moment of my life is new and I will strive to be open to this always. There are times that I just want to let my life be like the river that “just is” … yet, my brain gets in the way of that quite often. I am very much living in my head these days, so I intend to work on grounding myself more. Continuing to hike and connect to the earth through my feet will surely help, along with eating root veggies and drinking grounding herbs. I need to remember to also strive for BALANCE in being grounded yet also connecting to my higher self. Game on.

back LIGHT, DARK front …

Back to the forest I never appreciated as a young girl. This is a recent photo from Harriman State Park where I went on a lone hike. I was pretty much alone the entire time, which adds to my level of peacefulness (no offense, fellow hikers). Walking in the woods is so incredibly meditative … my mind calms, my body relaxes and my spirit brightens. Although, I actually took this photo at the end of my hike while sitting on a rock next to the parking area eating homemade trail mix. But, I was still in the zone and not really wanting to leave ;)

a REFLECTION of nature …

This is one of many beautiful photos taken during one of many transformational moments of my life. I took this at Omega in Rhinebeck, NY (you all know by now … that’s where my life in a tent took place). I did go out on the water once with my pal Alan, and it was quite glorious and peaceful out there, at times just floating along, laying down staring up at the clear blue sky, soaking in the fresh air. Yeah, that was peace. Oh, nature, how I need you.

now AND then …

This photo was taken near a lake I used to go to often with my cousins when we were kids. Then, there was a sense of family and tradition. Now, we all live our separate lives and rarely communicate. Then, I didn’t see the beauty in this forest. Now, I can’t get enough of it. Then, the snow was super fun. Now, I wonder why I still live in a place with winter weather.

Life is full of then and nows, but the only moment worth living in is RIGHT NOW. This very second. So, make it the best second of your life.

yin AND yang …


black AND white . light AND shadow . sun AND moon

Welcome to this week’s black and white photo series. All shot with my iPhone. All seen through my eyes. All natural images from my various life experiences. All exhibiting my love for extreme contrast. Opposites are essential to the universe. Balancing these opposites is essential to a peaceful life.

meditate on THIS …

If you’ve ever thought about trying meditation and …

  • you think you can’t do it because you have a monkey mind … every human in the entire world has a mind that wanders. That’s part of being alive, so now that we’ve determined that you’re alive, you should try meditating.
  • you don’t know how to do it … no one knows how to do it at first. So now that you know you are no different than anyone else who meditates in this world, you should try meditating.
  • you are afraid to go to a group meditation … if a group of meditators makes you feel uncomfortable as a first timer … um, yeah, that just won’t happen. Ever. So, now you should try meditating.
  • you don’t have the time … you only need 1 minute a day to start meditating. So, if you know how to close your eyes and you know how to inhale and exhale and you know approximately how long one minute is, you should try meditating.
  • you aren’t religious or spiritual … everyone needs a moment of peace and calm in their day, regardless of their level of spirituality. You don’t have to wait for a Spirit or God(s) to tell you that peace and calm will improve your life, so you should try meditating.
  • you can’t sit still … if you can’t sit still for 1 minute, then you should try meditating. It will really help.

Now, if you are ready to get this meditation ball (FYI a meditation ball is not really a thing) rolling, there are a number of ways to do so. And one of the ways I find to be extremely beautiful and personally rewarding is Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s 21-day FREE guided meditation, which starts TOMORROW!!!! OK, yes, it’s last minute. My bad. However, each day is available for 5 days after it is released, so you could think about it for a couple days and then jump on this bandwagon. And if you think too hard about it, then that means you should try meditating.


HAPPY gut and HAPPY mind …


Look at this beautiful creation – Water Kefir. Sitting outside studying and drinking my happy healthy bacteria “juice” in the gorgeous sunshine ;)

Some of you may have heard of kefir or seen it in the grocery stores, but that one is made of milk. I make mine with water (no dairy for this gal – ok, fine, cheese and ice cream every so often cause it’s just so yummy!). Water, sugar and kefir grains – these three ingredients make billions of bacteria!

Many (most) of us have digestive systems that aren’t working quite right and it’s related to those little guys. And the health of your digestive microbiome is related to your brain health and immunity as well, so pretty much EVERYTHING in your body is connected to the health of your gut. 70% of your immune system is in your gut. Think about that and how it relates to all of the illness and disease today. Happy gut = happy life :)


SPRING peaks through …

How can you sprout some new life inside yourselves today? It’s ok to start small like this little green guy. He’s shooting through those old dried up leaves ready to take charge of his new life! “Watch out world, I’m comin’ for ya” (I hate to put words in his mouth, but if I was that plant, that’s what I’d say anyway.)

It’s almost Spring. Spring cleaning. New awakenings. Reset areas of your life that need some fresh energy!