checka checka CHECK IT OUT …

Some of you are new blog followers and new friends to me and were not a part of (and may not be aware of) my past blogventures. So, I figured since you love creative rebirth so much, you might want to check out the others in your spare time (spare time? … what is this “spare time” that you speak of, Dawn?). As always, I promise not to disappoint :)

My very first blog experience was interesting, and learning how to do it was quite frustrating, but the end result was pretty bad ass: where i’m at – 2013 Photo-a-day blog, 365 days of my sightings in NYC. The first 3.5 months of the year are here (don’t ask); the rest of the year is here.

My brother, Matt, thought it was so bad ass that he turned my photos into a canvas art piece, choosing his favorite photo from each month. And he gave it to me for Christmas that year. Yeah, he’s pretty cool too ;)

Then, last year, in a creative exploration of self love, this blog was created: self[ie] love – 21 days of selfies. So, 21 photos of l’il ol’ me. Be honest … you can’t wait to check these out.


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