what’s NEXT ?

The end has arrived for sharing my already-built furniture designs. I hope you all enjoyed it and didn’t get tired of looking at them a couple of times each. I just wanted you to see more than the sneak-peaks from the personal ads. Next for me is to get these babies on Etsy and sell a piece! So, cross your fingers everyone! I mean, 50+ people crossing their fingers at the same time HAS to have some positive effect, right??!

From here on, CREATIVE REBIRTH will be a conglomerate of all that is creative so you will see lots of different things from me and hopefully from others (I just need to get the others on board!). Started a new part-time job last week, so I’ve been a little off in other areas of my life (i.e. school and blog). Once I feel more settled at my job, I’ll be ready to rock it all!!!! I can just feel it :)

I am so grateful to all of you beautiful people that have signed up for my blog updates and/or check me out on Facebook/Instagram. I find it so amazing that people I don’t even know have subscribed to my blog (and no, this is not a guilt trip to those I DO know that still haven’t subscribed to my blog…or is that exactly what this is??? mwahaha)!!! Thank you all for embracing my creative rebirth as it truly means the world to me :)

Stay tuned for more awesomeness …

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