REintroducing MY BABY …

my baby collage

48w . 21d . 19h
plywood . steel . glass
not for sale

Oh where do I start?! Unfortunately for all you single men in this world, My Baby is the love of my life. I was pretty excited about the Furniture Design and Construction class I had to take my senior year of Interior Design at ASU, but I had no idea I could create THIS! Go ahead, I don’t mind…tell me what you think of her and include as many positive adjectives as you’d like.

I started out sketching a bunch of random -and what seemed like meaningless- shapes in my sketchbook and pasting in different images of furniture and architectural shapes I found interesting (some of which were Santiago Calatrava’s work). Then the shapes continued to evolve with depth and then 3-dimensions and then I realized I was onto something here. Then I started building chipboard models to see how the table would stand on its own. I started with this twisted rendition of what you see here (it curved both vertically and horizontally). This was not as stable, nor was it visually necessary. So, I simplified it by straightening it out in the vertical plane. And what really sold me on this more simplified design was when I decided on the materials to be used, as they would be the magic of this piece: carved plywood, gun-blued steel and glass.

My design was set. Now for the scary part of building it for reals. I started with the wood as that would be the most time consuming and the highlight of the piece. I spent countless hours in the woodshop carving that phallic piece of wood, looking sexy in crappy shop clothes, safety glasses and a mask, and I loved every second of it. People would come up to me while I was working and ask “what kind of wood is that?” “Oh, you’re so adorable and I love you for asking that…its plywood from Home Depot that cost me $18 for one sheet.” (If only it still cost that today!)

As the wood got closer to the shape I wanted, I started on the steel. I should say WE started on the steel because working with metal is WAY different than working with wood and I had no clue what to do. So I started by making a full size chipboard mockup of the metal piece and fitting the wood into it. Strangely, the mockup worked out perfectly and that became the template for cutting the sheet steel shapes. Now I had 5 flat pieces of steel and was like, um yeah, so how do these get welded together now? I was quickly instructed and the metal piece started taking shape. I tack-welding (quite terribly, I might add) the whole piece and then awesome shop guy Tom made it all better. Then I was off to grinding down the welds all around the edges of the piece. That part I could handle…And check out the bad ass sparks it made!!!

My creation was really starting to come together. The metal rod was next. I bought a 12″ long solid metal rod which we cut to make the top and bottom pieces, welded a cut screw onto the top piece, threaded the bottom piece, ordered the glass with a small hole in it and screwed the metal rod through the hole in the glass…yeah, that was a quick description of how that all worked and may not make sense to most of you. But trust me, it’s really cool how it all fits together. The whole table is structured around each material penetrating one another. Man, there are so many sexual innuendos in furniture construction…that’s how I should have known this was the path for me!

my baby collage constr

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