REintroducing TRIPLE D …

tripleD collage

24w . 24d . 16h
plywood . concrete

Triple D was the first piece I, Dawn, had someone else build. My cousin hooked me up with a friend of his, Don, who was woodworking as a hobby. Then I recruited my good friend in Arizona, Danny, who did concrete. You guys catching on to where the table’s name came from?

Function #1: resting place for cups and books. Function #2: holding a plant. One example of my likeness toward designing multi-functional furniture…and seriously, what’s better than a table that’s also a planter?! Why have a plant on top of the table blocking you from the tv remote sensor or your dog knocking it off the table with his tail? Duh.

I wanted to ease Don into my plywood shenanigans so I started with this more simple piece that I designed a long time ago and always wanted to bring to life. I sent Don my technical drawing, we discussed the type of ply to use, how to lighten the weight, how ply acts, etc. and Don got started on his first plywood masterpiece. Then I sent Danny the dimensions of the concrete planter, picked a color, and Danny was too on his merry way. Danny completed the planter quickly and shipped it to Don to size the notch perfectly. They both sent me photos of their works in progress while I was at home twitching a little with excitement to see it all come together in person. And finally that day came. There was some angelic song and soft fluffy clouds and heavenly gates and stuff. No big deal.

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