REintroducing CURVES …

curves collage

24w . 6d . 2h

2 shelves with an integral wall cleat. I created this design with the intention of not exposing the face of the plywood. As you have seen, a lot of my pieces are designed with this in mind…for a number of reasons: I can use less expensive plywood, it is much more challenging to design, and the beauty of cutting through those layers is unparalleled (at least in my opinion and hopefully I have changed all of yours by now too!).

Curves was another reminder of how incredibly not convenient it is to do woodworking while living in NYC with no car, no where to store anything and no way to be at the woodshop to receive wood deliveries.  Curves was built when I was living in Brooklyn and a member of 3rd Ward (OMG, I just now discovered that they closed their doors in 2013…so sad), where I had access to a woodshop.  I worked near Home Depot in Flatiron, so I set out at lunchtime to buy a 2’ x 4’ sheet of ½” thick plywood, which I then carried almost 1 avenue and 3 streets back to the office. And yes, even though I’m super buff, I still had to put it down a few times, take a breath and then continue. Thankfully, I worked for a company that had tradesmen with saws (Does that statement turn anyone else on?…no? Just thought I’d ask.) so they cut the sheet down into strips and taped up the strips, equipped with a NYC “tape handle” (all you city peeps know what that is) so I could more easily commute 45 minutes with my newly acquired plywood. Keep in mind, it was no less heavy and uncomfortable to carry, it was just in a different shape. Yeah, so this was the 2nd and LAST furniture piece I made while living in NYC…maybe a smaller, lighter hobby would have been better?!? Paper crafts? Jewelry making?…


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