REintroducing ELEMENTS …

element collage

16w . 16d . 16h
plywood . tealights

2 tables, each with 2 holes for standard tealights and cubbies to store pillows, blankets, books, toys, etc.  They can be set up together as a coffee table or end tables on either side of your sofa.

Elements was the second piece I built with my own hands and it came about when I realized that I couldn’t possibly handle the original, much larger, table design.  I went to the shop all ready to build a large coffee table, started cutting three sheets of plywood into the necessary size layers when I realized “Oh shit, this piece takes 3 sheets of plywood to build, which means it will weigh as much as 3 sheets of plywood (duh) and tiny me can barely lift 1 sheet!!!  Shit, now what?!?” I went back to the drawing board that night to rework my design to utilize all of the pieces I had already cut that day.  The following day, I was back at the shop with a new design that somewhat broke the table into 2 smaller tables…and the rest is history. Ah, the joys of being a green woodworker ;)

element collage gallery

Left to right: a local art exhibit at the Garnerville Arts Center in October 2013; a private show I arranged at a Manhattan furniture showroom in April 2014.

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