meet DAWN …


A sexy talented blue-eyed furniture designer. I’m sure that’s enough to peak your interest, but I’ll keep going…I’ve been in love with designing furniture for 13 years now, but I’ve been holding back, afraid that it would never be able to reciprocate that love. I would get back together with this passion for a few months and then run away again, leaving my sketches to collect dust on my bookshelf and hiding my models under my bed. Sadly, this has been a fairly regular on-and-off occurrence for the past 13 years. Now, I see that this relationship is meant to be – it needs to be. We can’t pretend any longer.

Three months ago, I left my secure well-paid full-time Manhattan job and city life in seek of my true self. I had misplaced it (and misused it) in order to survive a hectic, stressful lifestyle in NYC. Until my body started warning me through its aches and pains and shortness of breath; and my mind just wasn’t keeping up like it used to; and my heart…well, that had been shut down for quite some time. Even with all of this, it was still not an easy change, but also not as hard as you may think when it was truly the right thing for me. So these past 6 months of healing, exploring, self-loving have brought me back, once again, to my furniture design passion (not really shocking at all)…

Do you want to hear about how this passion came to be? Ok, I’ll tell you. My first piece (“My Baby”) was designed and built in my last year of college (talk about crappy timing to learn that I loved something else when I was already fully committed to Interior Design). The moment that I watched Tom (awesome shop guy) put that chunk of laminated plywood through the band saw, I was hooked (insert image of an old Looney Tunes cartoon where Bugs Bunny’s heart beats outside his chest). And that’s when I knew the bottom of that table would be exactly that – plywood – yet much bigger and heavier and all hand-carved by yours truly. By the way, doesn’t all of this woodworking business make me sound even sexier? Call me!

So that piece was magical to me. It was a challenging design, yet every piece fit together perfectly. Because I put my heart and soul into it! I spent countless hours sanding and grinding and mocking up and finishing each piece. And I had not enjoyed anything that much in a long time (other than getting drunk with friends, but you know what I mean). I had discovered something huge inside myself that is still living in there to this day and man, is it ready to ply! Get it?

I hope that you all have enjoyed my creative awesomeness and will come back for more as I continue to share. Your comments, suggestions, praise are all appreciated through either social media or email at




One thought on “meet DAWN …

  1. You are the best! Not only the plywood on that piece, but the very carefully executed metal sculpture as well. One of the best pieces to come out of the furniture program at ASU.


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